Hot Tub Accessories You Need In Your Life

A great way to kick back and relax is to lay around neck-deep in bubbly water, whether it is heated or not. I’ve learned to enjoy my hot tub during all four seasons after I learned how to run it in extremely cold temperatures, and how to turn off the heating completely for a refreshingly cool experience in the summer. To further elevate your hot tub experience, you may consider getting yourself some accessories. It doesn’t matter whether you have a cheap model or a high quality Intex hot tub, these are the accessories you’re going to want with you.

Hot Tub Accessories

Waterproof BlueTooth Speakers

Whether you want to turn on party music or relaxing classical sonatas, BlueTooth speakers will help you enjoy your hot tub more. Most of these speakers can synchronize with your smartphone, which you can place safely away from the water. Curate a playlist ahead of time, and you can listen with the speakers in the water with you. Some types have a built-in microphone so you can make calls too, which means you don’t need to leave the relaxing tub unless you want to.

Waterproof Playing Cards

You may like socializing in your hot tub or even just spending your evening bonding with your spouse or partner. Sitting around can get monotonous sometimes, so you might want to add an activity to your spa experience – use a deck of cards to play as you relax. Just make sure they are waterproof, and you can have fun without worrying about a splash of water here or there also hire the water slides for children’s for more fun at Water slide rentals AZ.

Floating Drink Holder

You’re going to want to sip on something while you play cards in the hot tub. Of course, you don’t want to spill your drink in the water – or else you’ll end up needing to drain the entire tub and refilling it. So, get yourself a floating drink holder to house your drink while you play. Just remember to avoid having any drinks in glass cups because they tend to slip and break – which can quickly damage your water filters, not to mention potentially puncturing your hot tub (if it’s inflatable). 

Hydrotherapy Dumbells

Some people like to work out in the water because it is easier on their joints, similiar to water aerobics. You can certainly work out in your hot tub as well, to make more juse of it. If you want to add some resistance to your workout, get yourself some hydrotherapy dumbells, these are dumbells that are specifically designed for use in water – they are made of foam and are very light. When they are placed in the water, their buoyancy (they float) provides the resistance you need to amp up your work out. Even though they are very light out of water – moving them underwater is not as easy as it sounds. 

Make the most out of your hot tub experience using the aforementioned accessories or any others you may think of. There’s no reason to get bored while you’re relaxing in your spa!