How Can Community Promote a Healthy Lifestyle? Herbalife Nutrition Clubs Highlight the Connection

Your social community has a lot to do with who you are as a person. Some people gravitate toward each other because they enjoy the same activities. Others will be influenced by those around them without even realizing it. Herbalife Nutrition Clubs were created more than a decade ago to highlight the importance of community when you’re trying to reach a larger goal. 

Starting Out

When people picture a healthier life, they usually picture the benefits. They might see themselves crossing the finish line of a marathon or crunching into fresh and flavorful veggies instead of greasy fried foods. 

However, while these perks can be a great motivator, they can sometimes discount the challenges that will inevitably come up along the way. If your boss is used to you working more than 40 hours a week or your spouse is used to you making comfort food for the family every night, their reactions may be difficult to contend with. This is to say nothing of your routines and mental blocks that you might have along the way. 

Going from plan to action is hard work and is rarely as straightforward as it seems. Having the right community means that you have support as you swing from milestone to milestone. If you falter, your community is there for you. It explains why when Herbalife Nutrition independent distributors started these clubs in Mexico, it wasn’t long before they proliferated across the world. 

What Is a Nutrition Club?

A nutrition club can be any number of things for people. It’s a chance to come together to exercise, discuss new achievements, and share tips on how to get through failures. Other nutrition clubs operate like juice bars, selling delicious meal replacement shakes, tea, aloe, and nutritional supplements to encourage a healthy diet. 

The goal of a nutrition club is not to mold everyone into the same shape. Everyone will have individual journeys so they can work toward different results. Herbalife Nutrition independent distributors act as wellness coaches to their customers, so they work each member, evaluating their needs and motivating them through the process.

It’s an oft-repeated joke that it’s difficult to find a parking space at a gym at the beginning of a New Year. So many people give up on their health goals because life gets in the way, and they have no one to pull them back on track. 

People in a gym aren’t a community most of the time, they’re just others who happen to be working out with you. A real club won’t let anything slide, regardless of whether it’s positive or negative. If you neglect your health, they’re there to point it out. The coach and the community encourage each other to make progress and reach milestones. 

Social Connections That Work 

Showing up regularly with the same people, all of whom have similar goals of a healthier lifestyle, is powerful in and of itself. A Herbalife Nutrition Club is structured to give people a boost by creating connections. Studies show that you’re more likely to try new things and try harder at them when you’re with people. You’re also more likely to feel calmer when you exercise with others as opposed to exercising on your own. 

These are just a few concrete ways in which you can benefit from the right club. Simply being able to count on others to share your values can go a long way toward helping you reach a little higher than you ever thought possible.