How Fighter’s Build Muscle and How You Can Too

Since the age of the gladiators, fighter’s physiques are something the whole world gawked at. People are always in awe of fighters that have incredible muscle tone, and yet the endurance of a marathon runner. Watching a fight is like watching two anatomy graphics move around in real-time. You see every muscle on the body working in every movement. Most people assume they can never have that type of physique because they aren’t athletes, but this can’t be further from the truth. Let’s dive into what to do to get a fighter’s body. 

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Fighter Muscle Building Workout 

Fighters have to have a balance of strength, speed, and endurance. For that reason, they very often don’t lift weights, and when they do, they focus on lightweight compound movements at high reps. Below will break down each exercise you should do and wrap it up with a quick workout you can do. 


This exercise has stood the test of time for everyone, but fighters in particular. Especially during the COVID quarantine, many people have turned to the pushups to try and keep in shape. This is an exercise that works many muscles in your body, mainly the chest and triceps, but secondary muscles include shoulders, back, abs, biceps, and overall core. The best thing about the pushup is that all you need is the ground underneath you to do it. 


When it comes to working your back and overall pull strength, the pull-up is second to none. It is the absolute best back training exercise you can do. It works your back and biceps, with a sliding scale on which is targeted more based on the type of grip you use. The pullups have many variations and is one of the best upper body workouts. Secondary muscles trained include shoulders and core. 


You’d be surprised how big and strong your legs can get without having to do weighted squats. Squats work the obvious, it will target all parts of your legs above the knee, as well as your core and lower back. It’s a great exercise for explosive strength. 


Like pushups, these target your chest and triceps, with much more emphasis on the tricep. It also allows you to target different areas of your chest based on the slant of your dip. It will also help you develop massive shoulders In order to get maximum results in a short time choose from one of the best dip stands that Civilized Health offers

And That’s It

It may seem too simple, but those are the only exercises you will need to do for 30-60 days and gauge your results. You will be doing these exercises 5-6 days a week depending on how you feel. Here is what that workout will look like: 

The Workout

This boxing strength training workout will consist of a circuit that you will do switching between one exercise to another, and then resting. 

Much like boxers do rounds, except your round will consist of finishing the circuit. 

  1. Pushups for 20 reps 
  2. Pullups for 10 reps 
  3. Squats for 20 reps 
  4. Dips for 20 reps
  5. Rest 1 Minute 

Repeat this for a minimum of 5-15 sets. 

At the end of this routine, you will not want to do the same thing again tomorrow but you have to train your mind as much as you train your body. 

I recommend keeping it up for a minimum of 30 days and see how your body reacts to this level of training.