How Many Calories Can You Burn on an Electric Bike?

Many cyclists will laugh at this question and will jump into the defense of the very common opinion that riding an e-bike is cheating and that it provides no actual exercise at all.

But, in actuality, riding an electric bike will help you burn calories, get fitter, lose weight and get healthier. To what extent, of course, depends on how often you ride your e-bike, how far you travel, the type of electric bicycle you have, as well as what your weight, age, gender,  fitness level, and activity level are.

For people who are used to driving to work, to the grocery store, or to just about anywhere else, switching to riding an e-bike can be a life-changing experience if you want to bike on rent near by you so please visit bike rental in Mallorca.

If you are used to leading a sedentary lifestyle, or if you cannot be active because you are out of shape, recovering from an injury, have a health problem, or are too old, then getting on an electric bike can actually save your life.

The truth is the more out of shape and sedentary you are the more calories you will begin to burn once you start commuting, traveling or riding your electric bike.

The most common type of e-bikes – the pedelecs, require that you actually pedal in order for the motor assistance to get started. This means, that most of the time you are riding your electric bike, you will actually be pedaling. You will also be balancing on the bike and steering which are also physical movements and activities which will burn calories.

So, you cannot ride your e-bike without doing any work. true, you can take advantage of the motor and battery assistance when you are facing a steep uphill ride, or when you are feeling exhausted, but during the rest of the time, you will be pedaling along with the other cyclists on the road, so you can expect to burn just about the same amount of calories you would if you were riding a traditional bicycle.

Naturally, the more you ride, and the more you pedal – the more calories you will burn. Also, the heavier you are, the more calories you will burn when riding an e-bike.

You can, in fact, control the amount of exercise you want to engage in when riding your bike, by choosing the distance which you will ride without motor assistance and that which you will take advantage of the motor.

You can also choose the intensity of the pedaling, because the more intensive it is, and the greater resistance there is, the better a workout you are getting and the more calories you are burning.

One great idea is to use the motor assistance as much as you can in the mornings when you are commuting to work. This will get you to your workplace faster, without any sweat and without the need for showering and changing.

Then after the end of the day, you can step on those pedals when riding back home. You can choose to ride through a hilly area or to intensify the pedaling and increase your speed, in order to ensure that you get the maximum exercise from this particular ride.

Not only will this help you burn calories, but it will also energize you after a long day at work, and will help you get home with an influx of happy endorphin hormones and content that you have achieved your daily goals for staying active.

Of course, you can use a smart wearable device or a specialized onboard distance and fitness tracking devices on your bike to give you a more definite answer to the question how many calories you have burned when riding your electric bike.

You can choose a fitness tracking wearable device such as a chest strap or smartwatch – these are brilliant devices which have heart rate monitors and can keep track of the calories burned and the distance you have passed.

Remember that your age, gender, and weight play a huge role when it comes to accurately calculating the calories you are burning when riding an e-bike.

The greatest incentive to keep you riding your electric bike is losing each extra pound from your weight. The more pounds you lose, the less pedal effort you will be putting into riding your e-bike. This means that the lighter and fitter you become, the easier the riding and pedaling will be. And the easier it becomes, the more often and the longer you will want to ride.

Naturally, if you want to burn enough calories when riding your e-bike so that you start losing weight, you will need to also decrease your calorie intake, or at least make sure that you eat fewer calories than you burn on a daily basis this is brilliant and basic principle of weight loss.

Overall, you can burn as many calories as you want on your e-bike. It all depends on your overall fitness level, your age, your weight, your sex, and of course on the type of electric bike you choose to ride. You can also increase the calorie burning process by increasing the speed of your pedaling, abstaining from using the motor assistance, or choosing hilly or longer routes, which require more effort and more movement.

If you use only the pedals and your body for getting from one point to another with an electric bike, chances are you will burn more calories than riding a regular bike, because e-bikes are heavier than regular ones.

So, think about it. You can burn as many calories as you want or feel like whenever you get on your e-bike. It all depends on your motivation and your goals.

Thankfully, if you have ever been on an electric bike, you know just how much fun it is, so losing weight by riding an e-bike is definitely one of the most fun-filled ways to burn calories, get into shape and lose weight.

You can enjoy the breeze in your face, as well as the view as you ride, and you can simply turn the motor on as soon as you feel like you have had enough for today!