How Sport Can Impact On Dating Success?

Staying fit means staying healthy but did you know that sport is also a great relationship-builder? That’s right, as a recent study shows, people who do sports have better social skills and are generally better at communicating their goals and ideas. This is also linked to the fact that those who regularly do workouts have boosted self-esteem. Whether you’re in it for the win or simply love the process, there is a huge benefit for those who like sports, especially when it comes to relationships.

Sports Equals Better Relationships

Without a doubt, everyone did sports once in their lifetime. In college, in high school, or even on their own, there’s a reason why sports is recommended for kids and teenagers. And the reason is that sport helps one feel as if they are a part of something big, a part of a team, a part of a community. The sense of belonging to something alone can boost your mood. This is the activity during which you can learn vital social skills such as acceptance of others, the value of competition, and most importantly, the support of your peers.

Sports Relationship

As stated by the Associate Director of Marketing, Media, and Public Relations at Army and Navy Academy Paige Maslen, students who had trouble getting along with others were able to remedy this issue thanks to sports. In her article “Social and Academic Benefits of Team Sports” she also noted that people that do sports have less trouble taking responsibility and making snap decisions.

Another interesting point stated by Paige is that those who do team sports are able to develop the five C’s of competency: Confidence, Competence, Connections, Character, and Care, much faster. These characteristics are key when it comes to relationships as you will not only be more physically fit but emotionally resilient as well. Finally, those who play sports are far more responsible and this is exactly what every relationship needs.

Making the Most of Doing Sports

Now that we know the benefits of sports, let’s talk about how to make sports more social. To kick off, you can sign up for a team that you know, or go completely blind into a new one. In any case, you are bound to improve your interpersonal relationship skills. Working in a team will boost your self-esteem because you as a player will be responsible for something. This will put you in charge of an important task and people will be counting on you to do it right. Another key benefit of doing sports in a team is that those of you who are susceptible to depression or are introverts by nature will receive enough motivation to go out of the house and be active.

Also, sports is a nice way to improve your relationships with your family. From playing tennis with your kids to kicking soccer with your spouse, sports is a good way to encourage teamwork and push your abilities to the absolute limits. After all, working in a team will help you create new values and frankly, it’s a good way to talk about something that was bothering you. In fact, this is one of the better times to talk about issues as you won’t be on the edge of your seat. All the worries, all waves of anger will fade away once you hit that ball, swing that tennis racket, etc.

Finally, if your family prefers to play bingo or monopoly instead of sports and playing in a team is simply not your cup of tea, you can always employ an online fitness tracking app. This way you will still do regular workouts, as well as you’ll be able to share your results on different social media platforms. And now that we’re on the subject of social media, you can also register an account on DoULike and post your results here. This way, you’ll shoot two birds with one stone. Not only you will stay fit but also you might meet someone who doesn’t mind joining you.


Sports is great no matter what issue you are trying to solve with it. From improving the family relationship to meeting new people and tackling depression, sports is the answer. With it, you will feel better both mentally and physically, as well as you get the chance to improve your livelihood. So, grab those snickers and a bottle of water, and start reaching new heights.