How to Build a Stronger & Bigger Back?

The majority of muscles builders and weight lifters utilize most of their precious time in trying to build showcase muscles such as pecs or biceps and they don’t really understand how important it is to build a strong back. After spending a large amount of time at the gym struggling to look like a hulk man, they come to know that they could actually look stronger and bigger quite earlier and easier by building a massive back. It’s not difficult to build the mirror muscles of your different body parts but when it comes to the development of upper back muscles, you really need to work hard on increasing strengths for all-over muscles to build a an impressive physique. You should consider some of the important points and better to jot them down to follow a proper plan.


Before you begin your main workouts, spend about 10 minutes on cardio equipment to warm up your body as it will allow you to be fully ready for the main exercises.

Workout Duration

Each of your workouts for building stronger back muscles must be of at least 30 minutes.

The Amount of Weight

You can choose the weight that you can easily handle to accomplish the number of reps you want. However, when you are near the finishing line of your workout session, have the exhausting reps to achieve the most of it. One more important thing that you must remember is not to leave reps incomplete.

Resting Time

Have a break of 1 minute between two sets and 2 minutes between exercises.

Back Building Exercises

You can use three different exercises to develop the strongest back ever;

1) Deadlifts

Deadlift is one of the best muscles building exercises not just for increasing back muscles but also overall body muscles. It has been observed that some bodybuilders perform partial range deadlifts to make back stronger and bigger but the experienced and expert trainers believe that the full range deadlifts are much more effective than the partial range as this exercise lets most of the trainees to lift much more weight than the other exercises allow. The most effective technique to get the maximum benefits from deadlifts is to lift comparatively heavier weight for low reps when you are settled down with routine workouts. You can have 1 set of 4, 5 or even 6 reps but when you come to the point to increase the reps about 8, you should release out the some weight and lift rather lighter. If you lift too much of weight and have more reps, that will deprive you of getting the weight lifting benefits. On the other hand, you will put your body at a greater risk to get injured.

2) Dumbbell Rows

Barbell Rows are believed to be the best exercise for muscles builders as it allows you to utilize your free hand to control your position when the dumbbell rows activity comes into its peak. To maximize the benefits of dumbbell rows, you should use straps.

3) Barbell Rows

There are various ways to perform the rows motion at the gym but the most effective of all is barbell row as it enables you to lift much heavier weights and it truly assists trainees to strengthen the bench presses.