How To Build Back Muscles With The Help Of Different Exercises

There are different types of exercises to build back muscles, including the lower and upper back muscles both. You will require selecting a combination of different exercises and then performing them in a special scheme. Once you are able to develop strong back muscles you will notice that your overall physique has improved and you feel strong while lifting weights for the upper body, front muscles. We know that most of the exercises require tremendous strength and effort while performing. So it is not a bad idea at all in developing a strong back and easily performing the other exercises as told above. If you do all of the exercises in the right manner, the chances of coming across any type of injury or muscle damage will decrease.

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You need to build your lower back muscles along with the upper back muscles. If you focus on both of the muscles groups, then you will be able to develop a V shape back. There are several exercises which are meant for building back muscles and the professional fitness experts have chosen a set of exercises for your back. Most of these exercises can be performed by every beginner with less weights and more reps and sets. Later on, to get the best results you can increase the weights and then start increasing the reps and sets also. You need to recognize the different exercises, which respond best and start doing them in an organized manner. You can build your back muscles quite fast with this process. Now we will see some of the best exercises for back, which can deliver great results within a few weeks.


Dead-lift is described as the best exercise for your back muscles. It has been termed as the king of back exercises which can induce strength and volume in your back muscles. It is basically a hardcore exercise which focuses on all of your muscle groups starting from the traps and ending on your back. You can build up back muscles quite fast with this exercise. In the beginning you will face some difficulties as the muscles will start building and responding to the applied pressure. But in the end this exercise will be worth all the time and effort you have spent in this regard.

Bent-over Rows

It is another difficult exercise which basically focuses on the larger muscle group of your back. It helps in developing strength and proper shape of the back muscles. The correct method of performing this exercise is by lowering your upper body, lifting your chest, tucking in your stomach and keeping your back straight. This exercise can be performed with barbell and dumbbells both, with slight variation.

Cable Rows

To develop the inner muscles of your back you need to perform this exercise. All of the inner muscles will start developing and toning with this exercise. This exercise also helps in developing the shoulder area and muscles of your arms.

Wide Arm Chin Up

This exercise helps in developing lat muscles, middle back and the adjoining muscle groups. With the effect of this exercise your biceps and forearms will also show improvement.

Here we have discussed few back exercises to build muscle within a time period of few weeks. All you need is proper planning and lots of motivation to keep up with the pace.