How To Build Bigger Chest?

You must have seen some of the ripped guys walking at the beach with their naked chest. Probably, you would also dream to look like them as all muscles builders have one dream in common and that is to build bigger and beautifully shaped chest. However, it might be difficult to build bigger chest unless you don’t have proper knowledge of what you are going to do. Building chest involves various muscles and if you don’t really know the proper routine workouts, you must try to learn everything about it before you begin your long journey.

Chest Muscles

The Anatomy of Chest Muscles

You must understand the anatomy of the chest muscles before you go for your routine workouts to get bigger chest. To save your body tissues from getting damaged, you understand the functionality of those muscle groups. The anatomy of the chest is quite simple as it is divided into 2 muscles groups i.e Pectoralis major, and the Pectoralis minor.

Pectoralis Major Muscle covers the bigger area of your chest and it is located in front part of it. Since, it is called major, its responsibility is also major and it facilitates your arm to move and rotate. The pectoralis minor is a thin and smaller muscle which is located under pectoralis major and it facilitates your shoulder to move forward and down.

Chest Building Exercises

1) Bench Press with Dumbbells or Barbell

Bench Press is considered to be a good exercise to build chest muscles bigger in size. There is a choice to use either dumbbells or barbells for bench press exercise and both of them let you experience different benefits. If you are using dumbbells, you can find your range of motion; on the other hand, you can be benefited with heavier weight if you are using barbells.

2) Push-ups

The regular bench press exercise can help you gain muscles in your chest but get maximum advantages you need to add more motions in your workout plan. Sometimes and for some bodybuilders, it might be difficult to lift more weight without the risk of injuries. Therefore, the experienced bodybuilders have push-ups round which provide them great resistance.

3) Floor Presses

You can also do floor press exercise to build chest muscles which will provide you with awesome strength. To perform floor press, you just need to bring the bar to power rack’s lowest possible level.