How to Build Calf Muscles Fast and Safely?

how to build calf musclesThe muscle builders try to transform each part of their bodies to give them impressive looks and most of these people successfully achieve their targeted muscles mass. However, they really have to work too hard for certain body areas especially the calf muscles. Calves are the most important body parts and one has to use them in performing almost all physical activities such as running, walking, jumping, climbing or even standing. Therefore, calves muscles must be trained to bear hardships.

Now there are two questions; first, how to build calf muscles fast? And second, how to get permanent results with no damage to the body tissues? In fact, the answers of both of these questions are difficult to be given as building calf muscles is not an easy task and it requires lots of passion, dedication, hardworking and off course a company of some crazy bodybuilders who are ready to do anything to achieve their targeted goal and that crazy company you can find by joining a good fitness gym in your locality where you can learn how to build up calf muscles.

Can You Get Injuries When Trying to Build Up Calf Muscles?

Unfortunately, the answer is yes. Many people get major or minor injuries when trying to build up calf muscles. However, if you remember a few important things before you begin your workouts, you can reduce the chances of injuries. Here are some very useful tips that can help you avoid injuries.

  • Before you begin your main workout session, spare some time to warm up your body. This will prepare your muscles for the hard exercises and the chances of injuries will be greatly reduced.
  • Secondly, don’t hurry in doing exercise but start with light and slow ones and gradually improve the speed.
  • There is definitely no need to do extreme exercises or putting extra burden on your muscles. You can simply raise lighter weight in the beginning and when you feel comfortable with that size, increase the weight.
  • Once you have completed all your workouts, your muscles need rest and relaxation. To provide relieve to your muscles from strain, you can give a good massage to them. This will also ensure smooth flow of blood in your body and eliminate the chances of injuries.

How to Build Calf Muscles at Home?

You might be someone who does not want to join a gym or don’t even have access to muscle building machines but if you are wondering how to build calf muscles at home, you can be benefited with the exercise mentioned below to get calf muscles at home. However, keep in mind this may require you more than you give at the gym like extra time, extra efforts and regularity. If you don’t have machines, don’t worry, feel your home a machine. Follow this simple standing exercise and build calf muscles at home;

  • The standing calf building exercise requires you to grip two dumbbells all above the shoulders while you have taken a standing position on your feet’ balls. Once you have taken this posture, try to keep your legs straight as keeping your legs straight is the first step of your standing exercise. Now to follow second step, raise your body on your toes and then bring down the body on your feet. You can repeat this exercise for 15-30 times.
  • The sitting exercises to build up calf muscles require you take your position on a chair or on a bench along with 2 dumbbells on the knees. Once you have come into the comfortable and right sitting position, you can raise up and down the weight and this can be done with the help of heels that you raise up and down.

Exercise to Build Calf Muscles

If you are interested to build an impressive body physique, you must learn the exercise to build calf muscles as lower leg muscles play a significant role in your overall appearance. The majority of the people understand the importance and role of cardiovascular exercises in living a healthy lifestyle as these exercises are quite helpful in eliminating many diseases and health related issues. The cardiovascular exercises can help you raise your heart rate and save you from getting heart related issues. The same exercises are also very popular to lose weight.

One interesting fact about these exercises is that these can also help you build up calf muscles. The most important thing about cardio is that it gives brilliant results as it is not some kind of quick fix solution but time consuming exercises. Therefore, the end results are permanent in most of the cases. There are the people who have been using some of the best cardio exercises to build calf muscles fast and safely. Some of these exercises are mentioned here;

Walking & Jogging

The simplest ways to get your target are walking and jogging. Both of these ways are awesome as they are simple yet so effective. If you have the gym facilities or simply a treadmill at your home, you can perform these exercises without going outside.


Another simplest way to train calf muscles is running in a ground or park or any other place. The alternative option can be treadmill for running.

Climbing Up & Down Stairs

Another great cardio is climbing up or climbing down the stairs. For this purpose, you need nothing but the stairs of your house. If you don’t have the time for climbing stairs, you can simply change your habit of using elevator. Use stairs of your home or office building instead of elevator.


You must be surprised to read that skipping is one of the ways to build calf muscles as skipping is not considered the part of muscle building exercises program. In fact, it is aerobic, yet so effective in building calf muscles. Actually, when you skip, your body learns to keep maintaining the weight and calf muscles are greatly involved in overall skipping exercise and get stronger and healthier.