How To Build Deltoid Muscles – Best Deltoid Workouts For Men

The deltoid is a group of muscles consisted upon 3 major areas called the anterior, the medial and the posterior. It is really a difficult task to achieve and build deltoid muscles as they don’t have enough strength to keep working for a long time during the workout session. However, if you give full attention to do the basic movements and isolation, you will discover the secret on how to build deltoid muscles. These muscles are found below the shoulder in upper arm. If you successfully build these muscles groups, you will notice a prominent cut area on upper side of the arm. There can be various exercises to train deltoid muscles and if the exercises are done in proper way with passion and dedication, there is no reason you don’t get beautifully shaped muscular arms.

how to build deltoid muscles menDeltoid Workouts for Men

The basic anatomy of male and female is almost the same, yet they have various physical and genetic differences which really make the great differences sometimes especially when it is about specific exercises to build certain muscles groups. Males have more strength and stronger muscles if compared to the females and the females are usually more prone to get various injuries during the workouts. On contrary, men’s physical strength enables them to get the maximum benefits of heavy weight physical training and exercises. In addition, they can use the fastest way to build deltoids muscles which are quite essential for developing impressive, broad and strong shoulders.

Deltoid Strengthening Exercises

You can use calisthenics approach based deltoid strengthening exercises which are consisted upon a number of simple exercises and usually require no machines and equipments. The calisthenics are developed to enhance physical strength & flexibility while moving different parts or the body during jumping, bending, twisting, swinging, or kicking. This approach can give you the best deltoid workouts without weights. Some of the best and most effective exercises are mentioned below:

Military Press

The military press can be the most effective deltoid exercises with dumbbells or a barbell. You can choose either a standing or a sitting position to perform this exercise. If you would like to take a standing position then stand up straight on your feet but keep shoulder width space between both of your feet. Now if you don’t have barbell, use the dumbbells to perform the military press. Your both hands should be facing you from behind. Now pull the dumbbells up so that the elbows can be flexible enough to bend, while doing this, your palms should be pointing in a forward direction. Don’t be in hurry just lift the weight in your hands slowly without losing the control. Keep moving up until your elbows and arms get straightened. Then get back to the previous position for the next repetition. You can do the same for about 10 times to complete a set and then you will be able to do 2 more sets of the same repetitions.

Lateral Raises

Other effective deltoid strengthening exercises can be Lateral raises which you can make more effective by using a resistance band to build strength in all your deltoids muscles heads. Come into a standing position and maintain space between both legs. Now put your left foot on one holder of resistance band and give two rounds of the other side of the resistance band in your left hand. Keep your elbow straight and then move your hand in opposite direction of your body to create pressure on your muscles. Pull up your hand up to the level of your shoulder and then bring it down. You can perform up to twenty repetitions of lateral raises with resistance band.


Pushups will answer how to build deltoid muscles at home as this is callisthenic approach based exercise which does not require heavy weight lifting but your own body weight can be used effectively to perform this exercise. To build your deltoids without going out into a gym, just lie down on your stomach facing the floor, keep palms on the surface of the floor and bring your knees to the height of the shoulder. Pull your whole body up straight in to the air and keep the each body part at the same level from your head to your heels and in between. Once you go up, stay a while and then come back to the ground to take second pushup. You can perform the pushups as many as you can. Thought, pushups seems an easy exercise, but it gives lots of health benefits to the person who is doing this on regular basis.

Behind the Neck Press

When you are in dire need to know how to strengthen your deltoids, you can use another way which is called “behind the neck press”. However, this specific exercise is not suitable for everyone. In case you are suffering from some problem with your shoulder muscles or even suffered from the one in your past, you must not try behind the neck press technique. Be careful while doing behind the neck press as the wrong technique can cause you injuries. Sit on the bench and set the barbell right behind the head and top of the shoulders. Now slowly and carefully lower down the bar to bring it behind your neck and around your skull base, stay for a moment and push the bar back to ceiling direction.


If you want to build deltoids fast and successfully, you must not target one specific muscles group but work to train all muscles. There are various exercises as pushup, push press, arm circles etc which target more areas of shoulder muscles. These exercises are usually suggested by the experts as they will work with the whole shoulder muscles rather than just isolating single deltoid section. The above mentioned are just some of the great shoulder workouts and if you follow them correctly, you will soon be achieving your targeted muscular shoulder.