How to Build Your Hamstrings without Weight?

There is no doubt that strong and beautifully shaped hamstrings enhance the charm and attraction of your overall physique. There are many great ways to build and strengthen hamstrings but surely a few of them are greater than the others. If you include these few greater exercises in your workout plan for building muscles, you can get the amazing results.

best hamstring building tipsHamstrings Anatomy

The hamstrings area begins with joint of knees and ends to the buttock’s muscular area. Hamstrings muscles have a connection with lower back muscles and the buttock’s muscles and all these three muscles groups work together to help your body bend down. The hamstring is a combination of biceps Femoris, semimembranosus and semitendinosus.

One of the Best Hamstring Building Tips – The Barbell Deadlift

The experts believe that barbell deadlift is the best workout to build hamstrings fast as it works to improve various portions of not just the hamstrings but also targets other muscle groups and it is the backbone of almost all the muscle building programs. No matter what form of deadlift you are using, it will give great benefits to the leg muscles in one way or the other. However, a proper and specific form will help you enhance the stability of various muscles group. Moreover, it will provide major support for improving strength and fitness.

Build Hamstring Muscles without Weights

When it is about building hamstrings, the most popular workouts are called barbells and the use of other weight machines. Now the question is how to build hamstring muscles without weights? You might be a little surprised to read that you can also use the above mentioned exercises to tone your muscles even at your home without putting lots of weight.


Deadlifts can be used to tone hamstrings muscles with the help of your own body weight for creating resistance. You just need to stand on your feet by putting them straight. Now make a slight bent of your knees and leave your arms down without any resistance. Bend forward to touch the surface of the floor but your spine should be straight. Once you successfully touch the ground, go back to stand straight for which you will have to give a little push to your hamstring muscles along with glutes and heels. You can perform 2 sets of this exercise and each set should contain twenty reps. This is the simplest form of performing deadlift without weight but you can make a little variation by doing the same exercise on single leg which will be a little harder but will put extra weight.

Lying Hamstring Curls

Another exercise to build hamstrings as well as glutes at home is known as lying hamstring curls technique to build hamstrings without weights. In this technique you just need to lie down facing the surface of the floor. When you are doing this, your both arms should be folded and head should be rested on them. Now keep both of your legs in a straighten way and then slowly lift your one leg to make your heel touch your hips and then let it go back to its lying position. Now do the same with other leg. You can curl each leg about 10 times.

Ball Hamstring Curls

The above mentioned exercise can also be done by making a little variation and this time you will use a ball to perform curls hamstring. Lie down on the back facing the ceiling and then use a ball to make your feet rest on it. Keep both of your legs right straight on the ball. Once you have taken this position, Squeeze buttocks muscles to pull your glutes up in the air while your head and shoulders will stay on the floor. Now move your feet on the ball and bend your knees to bring them under the ball. You can do this about 30 times.

Close Stance

Close stance is one of the best ways to tone hamstrings as it gives not just strength but also add the size. This exercise requires you to set a bar on upper side of your back along with width stance shoulder. Now pull your glutes muscles down and bend knees slightly and bend at buttocks and lower down the weight. This can be a very good exercise to build your hamstring muscles.

Sumo Stance

Sumo Stance is almost the same as close stance but this will put comparatively lower weight on lower back. You can add this exercise to your main workout plan or the other choice can be the additional exercise when you finish your workout.