How to Build Muscle Using Gymnastic Rings

There are so many available fitness machines that are meant to build muscle these days. You may even feel overwhelmed when you think about your options. However, have you ever thought about the simple gymnastic ring?

You don’t need a fancy machine to help you improve your workout when gymnastic rings can do it all. If you’re still new to using these rings, look here to figure out how to get started and build your muscles.

Benefits of Gymnastic Rings

The simple gymnastic ring is an excellent tool for bodyweight strength training. It can be used in multiple ways for an enjoyable workout that will build strength and help define your upper body.

You may think that people are exaggerating when they talk about how great these rings are. However, there are some real benefits to picking up a pair of rings for yourself.

Portable Workouts

Beyond your actual training regiment, these rings are great because you are able to take them with you anywhere. If you’re getting bored of working out in the same environment, just grab your rings, find a place to hang them from and get started on your next training session.

Even if you only have five minutes, you will still be able to get a good workout in.

Promoting Body Strength

Use gymnastic rings to build your upper body, while improving your balance and agility simultaneously. Even if you’re not a gymnast, you are able to get a lean, defined body by using these rings.

You may also use them to work out your abs, strengthen your core and improve your grip strength for other exercises.

After a while, you’ll see some real improvements in your muscles. Both your upper body and your abdominals are easy to train using gymnastic rings. As a result, improving the size of your body quickly and safely.

Fun and Easy

This type of training is great for both experts and beginners, regardless of your current level and experience. Many people also love how fun this exercise is compared to other options, especially since the movements come naturally and don’t hurt the joints.

This makes them safer than other possible workout options.


Take these rings with you anywhere and use them to perform any number of workouts. Stabilizing your body will help your core, while pulling up and pushing will provide you options for multiple types of workouts.

In the end, you’re only really limited by your own creativity. Move your workout from one skill to another, depending on your current mood, to keep each training session interesting.

Tips To Build Muscle Using Gymnastic Rings

Gymnastic Rings

Perhaps you’re already convinced and ready to place your order for a set of gymnastics rings. There are countless places online where you are able to buy some wooden rings that are easy to grip.

However, when they arrive in the mail and you set them up, you might not know how or where to begin. If you want to build muscle with your rings, these tips can help you get started with your workouts.

Getting Started

First off, make sure you have the strength, control and flexibility to pull off even the tougher moves. Be sure to start slowly if you don’t have any experience so that you will be able to make use of the full range of motion the rings offer you.

If you’re not ready for more advanced moves, start with one rep every three seconds and increase it each time you try. Depending on what type of workout you plan on doing, adjust the height of your rings accordingly.

When you’re starting though, it’s usually a good idea to have the rings lower, so your feet can always touch the ground. This will provide you some control in case you happen to lose your balance, or if your strength fails for a moment.

Upper Body

First, try a few methods to work your upper body and build your overall strength. Hold yourself up on the rings, lock your elbows, hold the rings close and pull your knuckles into your sides. After a second, turn the knuckles outward.

This is a great way to build some muscle while stabilizing your position. When the rings are above you, grab on and hang, keeping your arms straight. Tuck your knees up to strengthen your core. You may also try a pull up, bracing your abs so that you won’t swing everywhere.

Pull and twist your palms to face you, pause and then lower yourself. For a press up, keep the rings close to your body while leaning forward until the rings touch your armpits, then press up.

Core Training

There are a few moves you are able to do to train your core, each one working from a different angle. Do one at the end of your weekly workouts to get the results you’re looking for. Start with the L-sit – hold yourself up and bring your legs up until they run parallel to the floor.

Afterwards, brace your abs and hold. Practice this move on the floor too before you try the rings, sitting with your hands forward and bringing your legs up five times for reps. Progress in time to the L-sit to be sure you’re safe when you get up to the rings.

You can also workout using the A Tuck, where you bring your knees up to your chest. There’s also the B One-leg, bringing one leg away from the body, or the C Straddle, where you straighten your legs and keep them far apart before closing them.

Finally, try the D Full as you bring your legs together and out in a straight line away from the body.

Back and Front Levers

Finally, if you’re feeling a little braver, try the back and front levers. When doing the back lever, keep the legs straight, lean forward and straighten your body so that you’re horizontal. You must also stay face down.

Remember that this strains the biceps, so only do this move when you’re just starting for the day. The front lever will be more difficult, since you’ll need to lock yourself into position. Take more time to master this position, as you lean backwards instead of forwards.

However, just be sure to build up your muscles before you try.


There are many available options when it comes to training with gymnastic rings. In fact, there are so many that we’ve only gone over the minimum here.

Thanks to the versatility, flexibility and the range of strength building options these rings provide, you are able to do any number of fun and interesting workouts with them. Using a simple pair of gymnastic rings, it’s possible to have the muscle definition and strength you’ve been wanting.