How to Build Pectoral Muscle – 2 Most Effective Exercises

Whenever there is a discussion about muscles building among struggling muscles builders and trainers, the most common question which is often asked is “How to build pectoral muscle?”. Building of pectoral or the chest muscles which are most commonly known as pecs is the biggest desire of almost all the bodybuilders. Chest muscles are comparatively difficult to be built than the other body areas but they should be fully built as this is the most apparent and most impressive body area especially for the girls.

how to build chest muscles fast

How to Build Chest Muscles Fast?

Because of the importance of chest muscles a number of exercises to build pectoral muscles have been developed and you can easily learn about many of them but here in this article you will go through 2 of the best exercises for this purpose that are as follows;

1) Flat Bench Press

Flat Bench Press is considered to be the backbone of all the exercises performed at the gym. This is a great and target grabbing exercise and works in various directions to build not just specific pecs but also other important muscles groups such as triceps and shoulders.

To perform FBP, lie down on a bench press machine along with your planted feet on the surface of the floor and your back should be resting on the bench without any discomfort. It is really important to set the proper position on the bench before beginning bench presses because of the fact that an improper position can cause not just injuries but also make your efforts fruitless. Put the weights that can be easily handled by you and then very slowly and carefully bring down and lift up the bar on your chest. Here you should remember that your weight lifting moves should not be very slowly but choose a moderate lifting speed and control your moves. It should not too fast that you lose your balance and have some kind of serious injuries.

The most important part of your exercise is when you bring down the bar on your chest and it is commonly known as “negative motion”. This part takes even more time but plays the major role in muscles growths. Make sure that you don’t lift the feet and keep them stiff while you are pushing up your shoulders to lift the weight. Negative motion is quite effective to strengthen pectoral muscles and help you lift even heavier weight. Another great benefit of these negative moves is that the contact use can minimize the stress and pressure on all your joints. Secondly, you can also reduce the risk of injuries during your training. Begin with comparatively lighter weight rather than putting too much of weight which will not be effective for you and you will not be able to use the best way to build pectoral muscles in very short time. After a few days you can make a variation in your weight size and instead of using lighter weight begin with heavier weight. This sudden change of plan may be very effective for you sometimes.

2) Incline Bench

Incline Bench is the second greatest exercises to build pectoral mass. There are some guys who built the most beautiful, impressive and strongest pecs of all time and if type the strongest pecs in the search bar, you will see the images of some of those great muscle builders. Seeing their images is not some kind of exercise but this will be quite motivational for you and if you find someone who you really wish to be look like, you can do even better in your efforts to build pectoral muscles at home or at the gym. The proper form for incline bench press might be a little difficult for you in the beginning but with contact efforts and practice you can make it just like eating a piece of cake.

When you are fully prepared for performing incline bench press, you should make sure that when you begin with it, there should be pressure or stress in your pecs muscles. Don’t push the weight too forward as it will not be effective to strengthen pectoral muscles. Another tip to make your exercise even better you can also ask some of your partner to help you.


There are a number of exercises for building Pectoral Muscles at your home or at the gym but the above mentioned exercises are the most effective to build pectoral muscles which are usually advised by most of the expert muscle builders and trainers. These exercises can also be performed with dumbbells and these will also have the same results. There are some other exercises which you can use to build pectoral muscles without weights.