What Exercises Build Trapezius Muscles?

The trapezius muscle, also called traps, is considered to be an important muscle group in upper area of human body and plays a big part in giving spine and neck muscles a great support. These muscles are spread from the skull base to the collar bone and shoulder blade. Those who have strengthened trapezius muscles have an apparent advantage of having impressive muscular look. In addition, the strong and beautiful shaped traps enable you to present yourself as a strong personality.

A number of exercises are available to build your trapezius which might be added to the routine workout to train those important muscles. The well developed trapezious muscles have lots of benefits especially prevention of injuries during training workouts because of unusual neck movements. These are also helpful in strengthening upper body muscles and enable you to lift heavy weight such as bench press and pull ups.

It has been observed in fitness gyms that some new bodybuilders try to do shrugs and lift heavier dumbbells which they cannot control but they keep doing this and no one stops them or tells them that such stupidity is nothing more than waste of energy without gaining any benefits.

how to build trapezius

Exercises to Build Trapezius

There are a large number of people who believe that shrug is the only exercise to build trapezius which is not 100% true as this is not the only way but there are a number of other ways which help in building huge traps. However, there is no doubt that shrugs provide great help to strengthen trapezius muscles.


The shrugs are very common and almost everyone knows how to perform this exercise but sometimes people make minor training mistakes and these minor mistakes lead them to get unsuccessful results. If you follow the correct form of this exercise you can get much better results to build trapezius fast.

Lateral Raises

Lateral Raises is another popular trapezius workouts for mass. Though, it is difficult yet so effective and helpful to build trapezius muscles. When you begin this workout, the first thing you have to do is to start up the traps with dumbbells. The second move should be directly to do a lateral raise in simple way. This is not something very unusual as you just have to lock elbows before you push up the dumbbells. It is commonly believed that lateral raise directly targets the deltoids; however, if the traps are flared up in the first place, this will turn your movement into great isolation. While you are doing lateral raises, don’t put too heavy weight in the beginning of your session as this may not let you control your specific moves and form of lateral raises. Therefore, you can begin with about 15 reps.

Lateral Raises Bent Over

When you are trying to learn how to build trapezius, you should also learn about Lateral Raises Bent Over which is quite similar to the normal form of lateral raise. However, this will be great for you to use if you are interested to bend your waist side into the angle of 45 degree. This one is more effective hitting the back traps and you will be able to build stronger back.

Build Trapezius Muscles without Weights

If you want to build trapezius muscles without weights, you can find various exercises which don’t require you to lift weight. However, you must keep in mind that these no-weight type exercises are not as effective as weights lifting exercises. In this context the most useful and effective exercise for building traps is surely shrug which is usually used by the weight lifters as well as athletes.