How to Build Upper Thigh Muscles Without Machines?

In the beginning, most the people who join fitness gyms for building body physique, try to train overall body muscles especially the ones which are most visible such as chest, shoulders and arms but what is usually ignored by most of these bodybuilders is legs and thighs muscles training. Training for muscles in upper thighs does not require some kind of specially designed workouts but it is the same as you work with other body areas.

You can find various ways to build upper thigh muscles but a few important things must be in your mind before you begin your training session. One of the most effective ways to gain mass in your upper thing muscles is the use of free weight machines followed by cardio. Cardio will prove to be quiet effective and helpful in shedding the excessive fat from different parts of your body. The combination of free weight and cardio exercises will get you the best results. In case you are not interested to join a gym or there is no in your locality and you don’t have time to go farther places because of your busy life schedule, there is nothing to worry about as you can use some other simple and quick exercises for which you don’t need machines.

upper thigh muscles

Single Leg

Now to train muscles of the upper thigh, you can have a single leg lifts session which helps you improve muscle in upper thighs, legs muscles and the muscles of your buttocks. Once you practice this exercise, you will come to know how useful single leg training is to define tone and reshape your upper leg muscles. You must remember that strong thigh muscles will allow you to balance your overall performance and stability.

You simply need to lie down on the flat surface of the floor on your back. Now bend your left leg and put the right leg straight on the floor. Be careful in taking this position as if you are feeling some kind of pain and discomfort in lying down you must correct your position by making the surface completely flat. Now try to lift your right leg very slowly, keep it straight and bring it to level of other leg’s knee but don’t raise it more than it. Now bring it down very carefully to the surface. Do it again and again for about 15 times now apply the same exercise to train other thigh muscles.

Standing Hip

To gain Muscle in upper thighs you can also do standing hips exercises for this position you need to stand straight on your feet on surface of the floor. Meanwhile, you should also maintain the balance of your overall body by holding a chair or something likewise. In this exercise you have to maintain straight position of your knees. Now move forward your left leg but slowly such as you are kicking some footballs but in a very slow motion. Move it forward and then bring it back to the last position. You can perform this exercise too for about 15 times.