You just enter the gym and see how the athletes in the training area technically perform a very explosive and fast exercise – power snatch. Do you have an immediate desire to learn how to do it? So know, you can do it!

To learn it technically correctly, you will need to learn certain parts and elements of the exercise with simple movements. Power snatch is an exercise that will help you to perform multiple reps in the economy mode, as it is characterized by incomplete squat depth. This saves the effort of the legs and back, which is spent on full squat and recovering.


So, let’s start learning this exercise. There are several effective options for learning the technique of power snatch. You will be able to choose the option that is more objective in terms of your body structure and functional features.

Certain test and static positions will help to form muscular feelings in the correct angle positions:

  • – snatch grip overhead position with PVC pipe;
  • – snatch grip overhead position half squat with PVC pipe;
  • – snatch grip position on midthigh;
  • – snatch grip start position.

Have you learned them? Then we move on. Let’s move on to learning directly the technique of power snatch with PVC pipe or empty bar.

Usually, it is best to learn any new exercises – in parts, from simple to complex with further progression. We will follow the same path.

So, here is the first option we can use. Consistently learn special exercises under the guidance of a coach:

  • – starting position+pull till power position;
  • – snatch pull without power position;
  • – snatch pull;
  • – muscle snatch;
  • – hang power snatch below the knees;
  • – hang power snatch  above the knees;
  • – power snatch.

This way of learning has a certain feature – based on the principle of “study from the beginning of the exercise to its end.” It is mostly suitable for those who have the optimal level of flexibility in the joints.

Are you not so flexible? No problem. There is another way of learning the technique of power snatch. If you have a desire to master this exercise, then everything will work out.

We are trying to learn the second option:

  • snatch push press + overhead squat;
  • snatch balance to half squat;
  • hang power snatch below the knees;
  • hang power snatch  above the knees;
  • starting position + snatch pull;
  • power snatch.

The second version of the technique also has its own peculiarity and is based on the principle of “reverse sequence learning”. It is important to remember that the full training effect requires control, as well as instructions for correcting common mistakes. In this case will help a weightlifting or crossfit coach who has good practical skills.

Training and learning the technique of power snatch is not easy and takes time. Of course you are tired and may sweat a lot. Then take a rest! 

In the next sessions you will be able to consolidate motor skills and improve technique with weight on the barbell, which will only grow every day. After learning the technique of power snatch with minimum load, in the next sessions you will fix and improve the movement with a gradual increase in the weight of the barbell. Also for more experienced athletes, a good solution would be a snatch program with a big variety of auxiliary exercises, loads and training methods.

With a thoughtful training program, weightlifting can be a great and full-fledged type of physical exercise.