How To Make Your Forearms Bigger And Stronger?

Forearm is the body area which is usually ignored during muscles building training and most of the guys doing exercises at the gym have one target in mind and that is to build biceps & triceps but there are only a few who understand the huge benefits of building forearms and they really want to know how to build bigger forearms. If someone has bigger and stronger forearms, he looks even more impressive from overall body physique. Moreover, the built forearms help in reducing the risks of injuries during the strength training.

Ways to Build Forearm Muscles

You might often ask yourself “how can I build up my forearms?” and the great number of exercises make you confused for which one is really better for you to get strong forearms. In fact, you can find various ways and if you follow them regularly, you can really get what you want.

A Useful Tip

The main purpose of building strong forearms is to perform other training workouts in even better way and to avoid early fatigue and injuries. Therefore, when you have decided to build forearm strength, you had better perform these exercises right after you finish your main workout rather than beginning your session with these exercises.

build forearm strength

Wrist Curls

Wrist curls can be performed in reverse as well as forward positions and both of these positions are considered very helpful in building forearms. Thought, wrist curls have many advantages, they may also cause burning sensation in the results of muscles growth during the progressive workout condition. When you want to do WC, you have to sit on a bench along with barbell in your hands. In the beginning you should use light weight but grip the barbells tightly so you can handle them easily without the risk of injuries. Use your elbows to support your grip when you put barbells on your thighs. Your forearms should be put flat and the wrists should be far from your knees.
Now move your wrists to rotate your knuckles to the floor and bring down the weight carefully and gradually. When you reach to this point, have a pause for a second and then move back your wrists to the previous position. This exercise can be repeated for about 10 reps.

Reverse Barbell Curls

Here you will learn a little bit about how to get big forearms fast with reverse barbell curls. RBC is almost the same as the regular form of barbell curl but this time you will make a little variation by putting your hands over the barbell to grip. This will also be good for your biceps. To perform this exercise hold a bar in your hands, keep the height close to the shoulder, lift up the bar just by making a rotation move in your elbows and move it to near your chest area. Once you are done, bring down the bar to go for another repetition.

Resistance Band Exercises for Forearms

You can also use resistance band exercises for forearms as these types of resistance bands are easily available. However, when you are buying one of those for forearms, make sure that you are getting the one which has information on resistance. To build forearms without weights, you should have the shorter band that is medium to strong and this will also generate more amount of tension. If you double the band, this will help you enhance the tension.

Forearm Workouts Without Weights

Forearm workouts without weights are especially for those who are usually unable to join a gym because of their busy life schedule or any other reason. In this section you will be able to learn about some of great exercises which you can do with the help of the things that are easily accessible.

  • You can simply use a tennis ball for this purpose with which you can perform a number of exercises. Hold two tennis balls in each of your hands and try to squeeze or push both of them harder at once. Keep doing this until you get tired. The most interesting thing about this exercise is that you can do it anywhere and anytime and you don’t have to spare some exclusive time for this purpose.
  • Another great exercise can be the handing on the bar for which you just have to have a handy bar. If you have the one, you can hang on it as long as you can. When you get tired, take some rest and do the same the next day. You can do it until you see the growth of muscles in your forearms.
  • The most easily available thing that you can use for building forearm muscles is bucket of sand. You might have such one bucket at your home, if you don’t have, go buy and put your arm in the bucket deeply but avoid touching the bottom with your fingers. This is quite simple and you can do it many times by using one hand one time.

All the exercises mentioned above can be quite useful for you if you follow them regularly. No matter what technique you are using for improving your forearms, the more important thing to remember is to be dedicated and passionate. Try harder to achieve your goal at any cost.