How to Outsmart Your Menstrual Cycle and Still Get Ripped with Your Workouts

Have you ever been restricted from doing something that you love most? Or activities that you regularly do but was interrupted in a sudden? If it’s a yes, then, you understand the annoying feeling of a woman when her menstrual period hits her every month. Aye! You got it right! Women are in red alert whenever they have a red flag.

Women are limited to a lot of do’s and don’ts associated with menstruation. Some believe these restrictions are real, but some think they are just mere myths. Whichever belief a woman stands for, she should never let her monthly period significantly interfere with her everyday activities. This notion is true not only to light undertakings but also to heavy ones like workouts- which women are obsessed with.

If you are one of those women, who take workouts seriously always to stay fit and in good shape but was constrained by a regular monthly period, worry no more! Answers to your problem are laid out for you. Just keep on scrolling down!

Ways to Outsmart Your Menstrual Cycle and Still Get Ripped with Your Workouts.

Gear Yourself Up with Proper Garments. Exercising does not only entail self-preparation, but it also requires you to get all your stuff ready, from your running shoes to your tiny workout apparel’s details. This provision sounds intricate enough, most especially to menstruating women, but it is rewarding after all.

Sweat should not stop you from hitting the gym with your preppy workout attires. However, be smart in choosing what to wear especially during menstruation. Use garments that can make you confident from leakage the whole gym session. Also, select quality tampons, sanitary pads, liners, undergarments, and daisy cups to ensure comfortable and itchy-free feeling when doing physical activities.

Consider Doing Light Workouts. You don’t have to weigh heavy dumbbells, run miles with high speed, or swim many laps to call yourself exercising. Taking a short walk, moderate swim, quick bike ride, and few yoga stretches are good enough in bringing out satisfying fluids like sweat from your body can be done as suitable forms of exercise especially when you have your heavy flow.

Do not push yourself too much. It is a fact that women’s hormones during menstruation are weak, thus, lowering their energy level. When it becomes impossible for you to drive yourself to the gym, consider using your home as your workout station. Do light household chores like gently scrubbing the floor, run back and forth upon sweeping the ground, and the like. Just use your creativity and be resourceful in working out through your terms.

Taking Over-the-Counter Pain Relievers is Fine. Suffering from pain is entirely unnecessary when there are accessible ways of suppressing it. When menstrual cramps are already too much for you to bear and are already affecting your workout routines, do not be afraid to take drugstore remedies that are recommended to you by your physician.

Take only mild medications for your menstrual pain. Pain relievers are much effective when taken 30 minutes before the workout session. Studies even found out that pain relievers help regulate your temperature. Hence, taking medications causes you no harm.

Drink Up. Hydrate yourself with an extra liter of water. During menstruation, women need to drink more water to flush out everything and to keep their digestive system function normally. To catch up with this necessity, women must drink a lot more water when working out to stay hydrated and maintain a healthy workout regime.

Also, water maximizes physical performance like exercising. And with the menstrual cycle on the ledge, women need more of it. With adequate water intake, the body can control its temperature; women can increase their motivation and decrease the possibility of fatigue, and most especially make exercising easier both physically and mentally.

With these benefits that water laid, women must make it a habit of carrying gallons of water when working out, specifically with their periods on!

Adjusting Your Routine Isn’t a Big Deal. Do not stumble on changing your workout plan just because you are regularly following it. Since menstruation brings some unwanted and disruptive effects like mood swings, face it and go along with it rather than contrasting it. If you don’t feel like working out in the schedule that you are getting used to, then reschedule it.

It does not hurt making a few changes, and workout plans are not an excuse!


Exercising is genuinely beneficial to all individuals, and having your monthly period should not stop you from religiously doing it. Besides, a lot of researches prove that working out during menstruation has numerous mental and physical advantages. It is just a matter of preparation and condition.

Since menstruation is a normal state among women, working out with it and not going against it can be a key to a successful workout regime. By following this, you could surely beat menstruation rather than you being overpowered by it.