One Push harder Than Yesterday: How to Pack on Some Muscle If You’re Skinny

We all start training with good intentions. But sometimes it can be hard to keep that goal in sight. Boredom, injuries, and distractions from work and even family can all have a negative impact on our motivation. Many people who start out on a new training program give up within a matter of weeks. Here are some tips to help you keep pushing yourself that little bit harder whatever your chosen activity:

Have a clear goal

Setting an achievable but challenging goal is a great way to give yourself that extra push. There is nothing like having something to work towards to make you work that little bit harder. As well as aiming to reach your own target levels of fitness in term of weight or speed or stamina it can be a help to look for external goals and challenges. If you are a runner, sign up for a charity run. There is plenty of choice from 10k to ultra-marathons. If you are a bodybuilder consider entering a local competition. These take place at all levels so you should be able to find something suitable. We all need to start somewhere! Although your first competition might be pretty nerve-wracking it will be rewarding and help build your confidence.

Get technology on your side

There is a whole range of fitness apps available to help you reach your goal. These include monitors which record steps, heart rate and distances. Others record your performance and even have the option of sharing your achievements with friends via social media to help to keep pushing you to do your best. Audio-based workout apps are becoming increasingly popular. You can get the fitness results you want with Aaptiv which will help to keep you motivated. Options include tailored audio workout programs as well simply playing your favorite playlist while you run or train.


Join a group.

Human beings are social creatures so any activity we undertake is likely to be more enjoyable and successful if it is done with others who share your motivation and enthusiasm. You can use sites like Meetup to find local groups in your area. You can sometimes select the level so that you feel comfortable but are still pushing yourself. Some groups, however, are open to all comers. If you are new to your sport it is often good to find a group with a trained leader to keep you right. Running groups are popular as are swimming groups.

Find a fitness buddy

If group activities aren’t your thing, why not make a deal with a friend who also wants to get fit. You can encourage each other and the feeling that you are letting someone down if you don’t show up can be the difference between hitting the gym and hitting the couch.

Whatever you choose, the important thing is to never give up. If you find yourself losing motivation use one of the tips above to help you reach your goal.