How to Transform Your Body For a More Robust Physique

Being skinny can be a tough life. Trust me, I know. All the hard work and effort can seem like an absolute waste of time when you continue to check yourself out in the mirror day after day. Genetics are a major factor at play here—but discouragement may only make things worse. It’s possible to get the size you’ve been yearning for—it just takes a lot of hard work. Try following these simple techniques to transform your body for a more robust physique:

Develop a Routine

Getting to the gym once or twice a week ain’t gonna cut it. Please stop thinking this is going to work. Sure, it will help you burn a few extra calories a week and maybe increase your strength for a short-period. But do not depend on this to gain that size you want. Try to get to the gym at least 4 times a week, consistently.

Build Bigger Arms

Lots of times people get to the gym and want to immediately hit the bench press. That’s great. But the first thing others notice when they look at another person is their arms. Think about it. They are showing about six months out of the year. It’s a fantastic gage for how physically fit someone is. For maximum results workout your biceps, triceps, and forearms 2-3 times a week.

Hard Work

You can’t just walk into the gym a handful of days out of the week, go through your routine, and legitimately expect results. When you get to the gym focus should be a priority. Concentrate on every single rep with extreme intensity. Any goal you set for that day—achieve it. Now, it’s important to note that setting realistic goals, in a realist timeline, will psychologically push you to keep reaching.


It’s easy to get the workout bug and see some gains after a few weeks. Then, all of the sudden, you stall. No explanation given. The easy gains you were making suddenly stop happening and food might be to blame. Eating three square meals a day is great. However, if you want to pack on some size and get that bulky physique you’ve been looking for—you need eat 5-6 small portioned meals a day.

Rest and Recovery

Look, you can do everything right in the gym. Push your body to the max—will it to provide you with results. However, that won’t do anything without rest and recovery. The body needs this process to regrow muscle fibers that have been broken down during the act of strength training. Not only does rest help regrow broken-muscles—it also can provide you with that energy boost you need to continuously push your workouts.

Mix It Up

Lifting weights causes the muscle fibers to breakdown. Rest and recovery is the stage at which muscles begin to reform bigger and stronger than they previously were. Lifting weights tricks your body into thinking it needs more muscle to survive. To get the best results—try doing 6-8 weeks of moderate weight with a rep range of 10-12 reps a set. Once this cycle is complete, move onto heavier weight that you can only do about 5 reps of until fatigue.

Caloric Surplus

Gaining size is synonymous with gaining weight. In order to gain weight, the body must have a caloric surplus. This occurs if your body intakes more calories than it burns daily—thus leaving your body with excess calories. When a person is active and lifting weights—the body will use the caloric surplus for muscle growth and optimization. Be careful, however. Clean food is important to decide what happens with those excess calories.

Develop Consistency

Somedays I wake up and I know that I do not want anything to do with the gym. Somehow, I find myself in my car driving to there. Once I arrive, I seem to snap out of this lethargic state. See, I have trained my body by either positive/negative reinforcement to go to the gym without thought. Although I truly don’t want to go—my mind couldn’t interpret it. It’s best to develop a time of day when you are most likely to get to the gym. If you may or may not be able to wake up at 5 am to go—don’t try to develop a consistent, predictable schedule at which you go to the gym at 5 am.

Developing size is not an easy task. Engaging in proper nutritional techniques and methods will be imperative to your muscle growth. Continuously mix-up your strength training set regime—whether you do high rep moderate weight or high weight moderate reps. Even through plateaus, stay determined and positive. You can bust through your peaks with positive attitude and consistent training.

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