How Yoga Can Improve Strength

If you don’t practise yoga, you probably think it is all about stretching and flexibility. However, yoga can also boost your strength. If you are a beginner in yoga but have never known the impact it has on muscle, you should look for yoga info and articles for guidance on the overall benefits of yoga. 

Planks Rose

Planks help to strengthen your abdominal muscles, shoulders and lower back. However, for you to build strength appropriately, you need to do it right. If you do yoga in a room with a mirror, you will be able to see if your posture is correct. You can also request a friend to see if your hips are too high or too low. Planks, in yoga, are usually used as a transition pose. The best way to build strength is by holding your planks for more than a minute. 

Cobra Pose 

This yoga technique is also known as bhujangasana. Some people assume this pose is just about lifting your head in a pose similar to a dog lifting its face. However, when done as required, it can strengthen your back muscles. You can do this best by lying on your front and lifting your chest as high as possible. It is important to note that the cobra pose is pretty low lying. Your elbows should be bent straight backwards. 

Boat Pose

Also known as Navasana, this position strengthens your abdominal and leg muscles. However, the primary focus is on your abdomen. To do this right, lie on the floor but leave your shoulders and heels above the floor. This posture is known as a low boat. Alternate between sitting up and raising your feet, and the low boat for maximum muscle strengthening. Doing this five to ten times during your yoga session will help you achieve your goals.

Half Moon Pose

This pose is also referred to as Ardha Chandrasana. It involves standing on one leg. It is important to note that all yoga poses that require you putting your weight on one leg improve your strength. This pose is excellent for your legs, even though one of your hands will be on the floor. You need to ensure most of the pressure is in your centre, and not your hand. For an added lift, you can place a block under your hand.

If you are new to yoga, you will notice you are putting more pressure than you should on your hand. However, when you get used to the technique, the muscles in your core will become strong enough to bear most of the weight. Remember to flare the toes of the foot you lift so that you can activate the whole leg. 

Downward Facing Dog

Although this is often seen to be a relaxing pose, it does a bit of strengthening as well. When you bend, ensure your legs and hands remain straight. Take at least twenty breaths while in this position every time you take time to catch your breath between each technique. 

To adequately perform these yoga techniques, you need to ensure you have the right clothes. Sometimes, you may fail to perform a specific method because what you have on is restricting your movement. Each strengthening technique can be challenging to beginners, but you will notice a change in your body if you keep working at it.