Huge Benefits of Deadlifting

If you ask the benefits of deadlifting from someone who has spent a big amount of time in weight lifting or power lifting, he will answer you that deadlift is one of his favorite exercise. It is considered to be the kind of all types of lifts and to perform this, you just need a barbell & weights.

Why Deadlifts Are Popular?

Now the question is why this exercise is given great value and why it is so popular. Deadlift is basically a compound movement especially for starters and it is used to work with various muscle groups simultaneously. In fact, almost all the muscles groups found in your body can be trained with deadlifts.

Real Life Movements

Deadlift targets hips, glutes, lower and upper back muscles and it is considered to be an excellent movement to stimulate overall growth of the body. Another foremost benefit of the deadlift is that it emulates movement of real life. In your daily routine activities, at a number of times, you need to bend down to pick up something and this is what you are actually doing while performing deadlifts. Another important thing about performing deadlifts is that you don’t have to limit yourself to a specific number of reps but you do as many reps as you can easily do.

Cardiovascular Training

You can also adjust deadlift in your cardiovascular training in which you can easily add deadlift set of 20-30 with fifty percent of your 1 rep max and observe the level of difficulty. The majority of the people would be panting and this is because of the fact that deadlift is not for starters or beginners but it requires certain limit of fitness level to perform this exercise. if you are on that level of fitness, you can get maximum benefit from deadlifts by promoting overall muscles growth as well as cardio fitness enhancement.


Thought, deadlift has huge benefits and considered to be a wonderful movement, it also has disadvantages which may be extremely dangerous if this exercise is not performed correctly and properly. Therefore, it is really important to learn and perform the correct forms of deadlifts to gain maximum advantages.