Ideal Image Reviews Highlight Removal Treatments for Multiple Areas

Several women and men have to regularly remove hair from the body and face through shaving or waxing, which can be time-consuming and harmful for the skin. Ideal Image offers a solution. Through their laser hair removal treatment, the hair follicles are permanently eliminated in a matter of minutes. Here is more information about Ideal Image, laser hair removal, treatment areas, and client testimonials.  

What Is Ideal Image Laser Hair Removal?

In the laser hair removal process, a highly concentrated beam of light is used to target the hair follicles, where the hair starts to grow. This beam is designed to destroy these hair follicles so they can no longer support hair growth. After the treatment, it takes about one to three weeks for the hair to fall out. The entire process is extremely safe and can be used on different areas of the body and face.

Treatment Areas

Facial Hair

Ideal Image laser hair removal targets hair on the chin, neck, upper lip, and other areas of the face. Shaving or waxing hair on the face can be harmful to the skin. The laser used at Ideal Image is designed to be strong enough to remove stubborn hair while being sensitive enough to be used on facial skin. The facial hair treatment for women is mostly required on the chin, neck, sideburns, and upper lip. For men, treatment is most often required on the neck and beard areas.  


Getting rid of hair on the legs through shaving and waxing can be extremely tiring and time-consuming. Imagine not having to go through your daily razor routine or painful waxing to get hair-free legs. Ideal Image offers laser hair removal for the legs. Depending on the hair growth on your legs, it might take more than one session to get rid of the hair. Every laser removal session will result in more hair being permanently eliminated.


If you have unwanted hair on the arms, it can be difficult to hide them or regularly shave or wax them. Not to mention the razor burn, cysts, and ingrown hair that can result from shaving or waxing. Why not take a more cost-effective, healthier, and convenient choice for laser hair removal on the arms? Ideal Image offers high-quality treatment, making sure pesky hair on the arms are gone forever. The laser hair treatment can also be used for the underarms.

Bikini Line

Do you want to feel confident in the bathing suit by not worrying about stray hair or bumps? Consider getting Ideal Image bikini line laser hair removal. The laser is designed to be safe for use in this sensitive area. The bikini line is one of the easiest and fastest areas for laser treatment. The laser specialists at Ideal Image can remove as much hair as you want.

Eye Brow

A properly shaped and groomed eyebrow can have a significant impact on your overall appearance. Laser hair removal can be used to safely get rid of excess hair on the eyebrows. The entire process will take a few minutes, and the results will be natural looking.


Ideal Image offers full Brazilian hair laser hair removal. The Brazilian hair removal is designed to treat more area than the bikini line treatment. Ideal Image laser specialists are highly experienced in all laser treatments for all types of areas of the body, including Brazilian laser hair removal treatment.

Client Testimonials

Ideal Image is on a mission to help its customers feel confident about themselves. As the #1 aesthetics brand in North America, Ideal Image has thousands of fully satisfied customers. The high quality of laser hair removal treatment is evident in the Ideal Image reviews and client testimonials available on the Ideal Image website. You can book an appointment with Ideal Image to look and feel your best.