Important FAQs About Alcohol Rehab Centers

Alcohol rehab centers play a critical role in an alcoholic’s journey to achieving as well as maintaining sobriety. While some alcoholics are able to achieve sobriety on their own, many individuals aren’t able to attain sobriety without the help of an alcohol rehab facility. Some individuals enter treatment as the result of an alcohol or drug intervention. Quite understandably, most individuals have some questions about these treatment centers. The following are some of the most frequently asked questions about alcohol rehab centers.

  • What role will a treatment center play in my quest for sobriety?

They teach individuals who have a drinking problem a new way of life. It’s accomplished by helping the alcoholic discover what issues are at the root of their drinking, the examination of what role alcohol plays in their lives, the introduction of alternative coping skills, and new ways to live a meaningful and productive life without alcohol.

  • Can I be forced to go to a treatment center against my will?

No. An individual over the age of 18 can’t be forced to go to an alcohol rehab center unless they are court-ordered to go.

  • Where can I find a treatment center?

They exist in all states and all over the world. You can find alcohol rehab centers by going to your state’s or government’s website or looking at the yellow pages under alcohol and drug rehab.

  • How long will treatment last?

This differs not only with each different treatment provider, but it is also based on one’s individual circumstances.

  • Will my insurance cover treatment for alcoholism?

Many health insurance companies will cover treatment for alcoholism. However, not all policies will, so it is best to contact your individual insurance provider and ask before you join an alcohol rehab center.

  • What if I don’t have insurance?

If you don’t have medical insurance, or your insurance doesn’t cover treatment for alcoholism, find one that will work with you regarding payment. Some centers will charge you based on one’s individual financial circumstances or based on a sliding scale.

  • Do I have to actually stay at the treatment center, or will I be able to stay at home?

Alcohol rehab centers have different types of programs. Some specialize in in-patient programs only, while others will offer both in-patient and out-patient programs.

  • Can I tour the alcohol rehab center before I make a commitment to go?

Yes, you can. You should definitely go look at the facility so you can decide if it’s a good fit for you. Ensure you feel comfortable with the facility itself and the staff.

  • Are all treatment facilities based on the 12 steps?

Many utilize the 12 steps as they are beneficial for many alcoholics. However, some alcohol rehab centers recognize that some individuals are uncomfortable with such programs and offer alternatives.

  • I’ve heard that some treatment facilities won’t let me have visitors or even make phone calls. Is it true?

This might be true at some facilities but not all.

  • What happens when I leave?

Alcohol rehab centers will ensure you have a plan in place for your new life.

I hope these answers are helpful. These treatment facilities exist to help alcoholics. There isn’t much you can say that will surprise them, so be honest with the staff to be benefitted from all the facility has to offer you.