How to Increase Bench Press Workout?

How to increase bench press workout is probably the most asked question because this exercise is performed by almost every bodybuilder at the gym. If you are someone who wants to become the strongest performer in his gym or want to take part in some sports such as football, you would surely like to increase your bench press. Here are a few ways which will tell you the secret on how to increase your bench press.

Use of Proper Technique

Using proper technique is really important and if you don’t realize its importance, you cannot learn the best way to increase bench press. However, if you know how to use the proper technique, you can get rid of many pounds. Here are few very simple things which you just need to know to get maximum results.

  • Hold and grab the bar wider than the width of your shoulder. It is believe that a wider grip can mess with the weight balance while a closed grip triggers triceps than chest.
  • Lean how to grab the bar as most of the people make this mistake by grabbing the bar incorrectly. Therefore, when you get ready to grab the bar, make it a little wider than the width of your shoulder. Hold it with close grip by using your wrists but don’t use your fingers to grip the bar.
  • If you are using a wider grip, this will mess with balanced weight. However, the closed grip will activate triceps which is usually more than your chest. Thought, it is good but the triceps will be worked on later.
  • It is important that you get straight when you try to push the bar up and when you try to bring it down. Once the bar comes into the lowest position, don’t just stop here but bring it even lower and then give it a push with single movement.
  • Try to give a push to shoulder-blades when you do a bench to tight your upper back. Keep driving your feet to the ground and tuck your elbows nesr to the sides.

Exercises to Increase Bench Press

There are some very good exercises to increase bench press and if you practice them, there are bright chances that you will get better results;

  • Skull crushers
  • Triceps extension
  • One-arm cable extensions
  • Closed-grip bench press
  • Pushups
  • Dips

Calories Consumption

There is something very important on how to increase my bench press and about gaining weight that greatly increases your bench press no matter what is commonly experienced by the other type of lifts such as bench, squat, & deadlift. If you have had your bench press plateaued, you can easily but slowly gain weight in 10-14 weeks and gain remarkable strength and improvements but during the next weeks to come, your body starts losing weight however, you still have well maintained level of strength. During the next weeks, you might be losing the weight and no matter whatever the reason behind your weight loss, you should increase extra amount of calories so you can put on excessive weight and surely some impressive muscles mass. These are some of the useful tips which can greatly help you about bench press increase.