How To Increase Intensity in Training?

Are you trying to take your training level to the next stage? Really want to get maximum benefits from your workouts in form of muscles growth and stimulation? Do you really want to get stronger and bigger? If yes, you should read this article to learn about some of really effective intensity techniques which will greatly help you reach to the next level.

Alternating Techniques

If you want to get muscle gain as long term results, you need to gain strength as this will provide you with progression which is considered to be something really important for muscles. You can add sets as well as reps to keep progressing but how long will you increase weight to the bar. Body can’t bear the constant increase in weight but it really needs a break. For example, if you are following a two months plan during which you add 5 pounds of weight to the bar whenever you do bench or squat, this is fine but what if you have to continue for a year?

You can’t gain any more strength. To get bigger and stronger consistently, you can give a try to alternating techniques which are basically training methods and increase the length and difficulty of the sets. When you change the number of squatting from 300 to 400 hundred for 5 reps, you are actually doing more work while still using the same period of time. This is the reason why you can get much better results with the alternating techniques.

Drop Sets

Drop Sets is an intensity technique which is not just effective yet simple and to perform this intensity technique, you have to reach to the failure or at least near failure. You use weight and when you fail, drop down the weight to be failure again. For example, your best set in bench press might be 315 for 5 reps which might be dropped to 225 in drop sets and perform as many reps as you can. In triple drop set, you can reduce weight to 135.


Another technique is called ‘supersets’ which is often used by the people while opposing other muscle groups. The combination of biceps and triceps exercises is used into this technique where you will be doing chest and back movement and back to back movements.

It is really important to choose the correct movements and forms and if you do so, you can really get awesome results from this great technique which will help you get benefits from each workout you perform.


Same like the supersets, pre-exhaustion technique engage training with a specific muscle with the help of an intense movement to give great isolation before you get it involve into higher intensity with heavy compound exercise.

You can also do this like you do in superset which means making movements after one another but it is not necessary as you can also use the other option to finish all sets at once before you move towards the other.