Useful Info about Low, High & Moderate Rep Ranges

Some people ask themselves if they need to do lower reps with heavier weight or higher reps with lighter reps. If you also wonder about it and can’t really decide what should be the best rep range for you, you should continue reading this article as it contains the most informative stuff about rep ranges.

Low Rep Ranges (1-5)

Some people have the misconception that doing lower reps will enable them to stimulate even faster muscle fibers twitch while high reps do the reverse. The common range about low reps is considered 1-5. The recruiting of fibers depends up the amount of weight lifted. Low reps are considered to be really effective to stimulate myofibrillar hypertrophy which is basically an increase in size and number of myosin and actin fibers within muscle tissue. This kind of hypertrophy is associated with gain of strength as it gets involve with enhancing in contractile tissue.

High Rep Range (+15)

All of the strongest bodybuilders prefer to go for higher rep ranges to increase growth of hormones and get a better and muscular body shape. It is good to do training while using heavy weight for gaining strength but the expert that that one should also try to go for failure with higher rep ranges. Higher rep ranges has been very effective in increasing mitochondrial thickness within muscles cells as it stimulates endurance.

Moderate Rep Range (6-12)

Moderate rep range is an ideal range and majority of the people try to follow it when they struggle to add size and muscles. Various studies have proven that the moderate rep ranges can lead to the greatest increase in growth of muscles.

The actual reason of its popularity is that it provides with some great low rep as well as high rep benefits. When you do heavier loads, it will stimulate myofibrillar hypertrophy which have already been mentioned above and surely increased under tension time that will rise sarcoplasmic hypertrophy.

There will be sarcoplasm enhancement within cells of the muscles but remember that they don’t really push you towards gaining huge amount of strength. You might have also observed that bodybuilders and power lifters don’t look alike and this is because of the sarcoplasm enhancement.

This type of ranges considered to be really effective in exciting effects of pump which surges protein fusion for comparatively a shorter period of time. When we talk about moderate rep ranges, it actually means paving a balance between both high and low rep ranges and this will increase substantial volume for both sarcoplasmic hypertrophy as well as myofibrillar.


Most of the experts believe that all of the three rep ranges should be utilized during training to get strength and muscles. When you start workouts, begin with compound heavy movements while following isolating lighter exercises as this will make you feel burn in your muscles. If you use all of these ranges with proper forms, you can get maximum benefits within a short period of time.