Integrated Strength Training: Use the Right Tool

The fitness world has grown much bigger in the recent years which is good, but they have also been divided into different groups with different approaches. Most of them are really working to provide the best fitness values to the people but there are also many others who could not fulfill their duties as they should have performed. Things have changed now and different groups are working to promote their specific causes so they can get maximum advantages. Good thing about it is that each group has specialty in certain training niches.

You can find people who are known as kettlebell group or tribe, bodyweight lifters, power lifters group because of being expert in their certain niches. It is not bad to be expert in something you teach but think someone who comes to you for training and you ask him to use the same training tool every time he works with the same movement. What will happen then? Surely, he would not like to learn from you because of not gaining variety of workouts.

When you are training, you need to have a generalized plan which covers various exercises, movements and require variety of tools. If you are suggesting one tool for variety of moves, you should know about some important things:

Things You Must Know Before You Develop Workouts

  • Kettlebell is considered to be a great way to help those who had wrist injuries in the past. This way of training facilitates them by avoiding the position that you need to make if they do push press, barbell front squat, or jerk. The position will let them keep wrist straight and they will be able to perform even harder which might not be possible if they use other forms.
  • On the other hands, barbells are also considered to be best training tool to enhance the level of overall body strength very quickly. The kettlebells are sued to form deadlift in which the trainees are brought to the bar quickly.
  • Most of the people usually miss the coordination and mobility in Olympic lifting and therefore, the simple lifts are considered to be more effective than the complex. This is the place where you again find kettlebells useulf tools.
  • Remember another fact that there is no need to follow speedy work for many of the people and the gains through speed are usually minimal if the level of strength does not get elevated.
  • In squat you use variety of positions but the main squats – back squat, double kettlebell, overhead squat, goblet, front squat better to be all same. If the imperfections are tried to be accommodated with little adjustment, the squat patterns are used.
  • If you would like to perform a power cleans set by using barbell for 3-5 reps, you can apply a very simple rule and that is to double the number of reps you do.
  • It is not something quite strange to know that why people spend many hours in doing the same movement with their own bodyweight. It is really an effective way to get a number of fitness goals.