Is it possible to treat testicular varicocele without surgery?

On the off chance that you are encountering ongoing or continuous recurring varicocele, you’re most likely getting yourself faced with settling on a choice about what the subsequent step to opt for to treat testicular varicocele treatment without surgery. It might appear to be overwhelming to make sense of, yet with the correct information, settling on the ideal approach to treating your varicocele doesn’t need to be so unpleasant. Surgery regularly appears to be excessively intrusive, and the extended recovery time of up to 2 weeks, with men holding up to a month to continue the sexual activity, is simply not perfect for some men. There is good news, though.

  • Is it possible to treat testicular varicocele without surgery?

We know it might seem like you can’t treat testicular varicocele without surgery, but there is hope. Yes, you do have an option in case you’re searching for a varicocele treatment option that avoids surgery. You can treat varicocele by addressing the lifestyle risk factors that really do the effect in a healing process. So here are some lifestyle risk factors you should avoid:

  1. Avoid Alcohol.
  2. Overeating, Obesity
  3. Caffeinated beverages
  4. Avoid Smoking cigarettes
  5. Avoid fast-food, junk food, canned food etc.
  6. Bowel health
  7. Excessive Masturbation
  8. Improper Underwear
  • Can natural treatments help?

Many safe and natural treatments do exist and have been mostly an effective testicular varicocele treatment option. Majority of people have reported complete cure of varicocele pain, great improvements in fertility, varicocele no longer progressing and 30-50% reduction in varicocele swelling.

We recommend eating a balanced diet with heaps of fresh foods and green leafy vegetables. Include whole grains in your diet, food that contains essential unsaturated fats, some wild fish and nuts. Drink at least eight glasses of mineral water a day. Choose natural nourishments over processed foods. Keep yourself away from intake of junk food, trans fats, caffeine and alcoholic drinks. Limit your intake of animal products and eat vegan sources of protein. A diet routine rich in vitamin C and bioflavonoids fortify the walls of your veins and forestalls plaque formation that can clog up your blood vessels. Plaque is a blend of cholesterol and fats which stick to the walls of the blood vessel and can incline you to cardiovascular conditions.

The Varicocele natural treatment protocol also includes herbal medicine. Herbal medicine shown to improve varicoceles areOronerv, Acidim and Activiz. Varicocele treatment doesn’t have to be expensive nor invasive.

  • Yoga for Varicocele treatment:

You may be shocked to know yoga can heal testicular varicocele, yet it is conceivable that yoga might be a viable aide to treating a varicocele naturally. Also, it bodes well as well, as certain yoga postures can increase testicular blood flow, flushing out the toxic pooling of blood from the varicocele; and cool the testicles. Advantages of yoga are alleviation of pain, improvement in fertility and recovering of the varicose veins.