Jason Ferruggia

Jason Ferruggia is an experienced and highly renowned strength and conditioning coach and bodybuilding expert who has performed his duties very efficiently as a personal trainer during the last 2 decades. Nearly 1 thousand athletes from the largest organizations such as MLB, NCAA, NHL and NFL have been trained by Jason. He is a specialist in training skinny guys as well as hard gainers and this is the reason he was able to provide his assistance to more than 53 thousands people who were totally lost in muscle building. Jason’s huge experience enabled him to discover the hidden secrets of muscle building and finally he created “Muscle Gaining Secrets” which soon became the best selling system on the subject.

During The Career

During a very long career as a personal trainer, Jason has done a wonderful job and thousands of people have been benefited with his training skills, knowledge and unique strategies. He taught thousands of people the way to be succeeded including Skinny Guys, hard gainers, athletes, firefighters, police officers, Military Personnel and Hollywood Stars. Those who have judged the capability, skills and strategies of Jason, wish to get his personal training services at any cost and In fact, Jason is paid more than any other training coach in the world.

Jason’s Work for Fitness Magazines

After getting a great experience in dealing with thousand of people, Jason decided to write for the fitness magazines so that the maximum numbers of people, who don’t find anyone to help them, learn from his useful information, advices and suggestions. He has been writing for many years for Men’s Fitness magazine where he is the chief advisor. His great writing skills can also be found on other fitness magazines such as MMA SportsMag, Men’s Health, Today’s Man, Maximum Fitness and many others. The number of articles he has written for the fitness magazines and health, fitness and muscle building websites is more than 5 hundred.

Seminars, TV & Radio Shows

Jason has frequently been participating in seminars where he has given useful lectures on health, fitness and muscle building. His approach to muscle building especially for skinny guys and hard gainers are given extra importance at TV channels such as New York, 1010 Wins, America Tonight etc and more than thirty Radio stations because of strong public demands who want to learn from Jason experience.

Jason’s Reputation

The unbeatable victory of Jason in the filed of fitness and muscle building have made him a living legend whose fans are in millions. The simplicity, effectiveness and uniqueness of his training methods are best at producing the perfect and desired results.

Jason’s Routine Life

He believes that the being a human, you must be very active and for this purpose, he never forget to have physical exercises daily. He never misses morning walk which is surly the beginning of an energetic day. He does 6 workouts every week and 3 sled sprint sessions. He loves to read and spare minimum 2 hours everyday just for reading as he thinks that reading keeps you fully informed about the latest updates.