Jobs for fitness fanatics

Do you love nothing more than heading to the gym for a sweat-inducing workout? Are you known as the person that attends every single workout class? If fitness is your life, and you want to turn it into a career, put down those weights for a moment and discover a whole host of jobs for people just like you.

Personal trainerJobs for fitness fanatics

You may have already considered becoming a personal trainer but not known where to begin. To become a personal trainer, you should attend a reputable course that includes health and safety certification in addition to health and nutrition tuition. Should you be aiming to be considered an outstanding personal trainer, you need to ensure your course is accredited by the National Commission for Certifying Agencies (NCCA). This accreditation guarantees respect from employers and also those in the medical community.A personal trainer needs to be able to interact with all manner of different people, and you will, therefore, need to be a personable and encouraging individual.

Exercise physiologist

If you want to flex your brain power as well as your muscles, becoming an exercise physiologist could be the career for you. This role can involve assessing a person’s cardiovascular health, and metabolism to determine the perfect exercise routine for a client. As an exercise physiologist, you may be employed to work with athletes, football players, and baseball players. You will require excellent written and verbal communication skills for this job in addition to a relevant degree. To find out more, click on Bs Physiology Careers.

Fitness model

It goes without saying that you will have an amazing physique, showcasing all your hard work at the gym. Your body will need to be in perfect condition all year round, which means that you should genuinely love fitness and keeping in shape. It is important to realise that as a fitness model you don’t just need to look good, but you need to be extremely fit too. For shoots you may be required to run several laps, do a hundred press-ups, kick, or jump for several minutes in a row, all to achieve the perfect shot. This industry can be very last minute, with schedule planning difficult to achieve, but can lead to well-paid jobs. Find out more about how to become a fitness model here.

Gym owner

Share your love of fitness by opening your own gym. If you have the sound business acumen, owning your own gym can prove extremely lucrative. It will take a lot of planning in order to secure investment, and you will need a realistic business plan. Things to consider before committing to opening a gym include, location, equipment, insurance, certification, and staffing. Fortunately, there is a lot of advice available for fitness fanatics that want to open their own gym, including this handy guide from Small Business Trends.

Fitness will never go out of fashion, and it is, therefore, a great career path to follow.  Make money from your passion and find the perfect fitness job for you.