Keeping Yourself Safe during Your Workout in Sydney Gyms

Sydney is one of the first few cities to flatten the pandemic, but only to make a resurgence. As of the latest survey, there were almost 4,000 cases with 52 deaths and nearly 3,000 recoveries. 

The latest confirmed case came from a Singapore flight that arrived in the city last August 23. One person tested positive for Covid-19, and close contacts are now being established. Sydney has largely been untouched by the virus from mid-April to June. Cases only started to spike from June 16 onwards.

workout in gym

As a result, stricter minimum health protocols are being implemented in the city. And this includes gyms in Sydney that are starting to reopen after the countrywide lockdown. 

Staying Safe during Your Gym Return

For most people who’ve been stagnant in the last three months, going back to the gym is good news. Gyms and fitness facilities have finally reopened across the state, and many people are trying to imagine what the new normal will be.

Remember that strict protocol is still being implemented. Gyms and fitness facilities across New South Wales are only allowed to accept one gym-goer per four square metres. If you are on a scheduled time, you might want to confirm your slot before heading outside. 

Here are some of the safety protocols implemented in most gyms in Sydney:

  • Sanitise your hands after touching surfaces. 
  • Wearing masks is a prerequisite in some gyms and fitness facilities. 
  • Observe social distancing by maintaining a six feet gap from other gym-goers. 
  • Always bring a reusable water bottle to avoid drinking water from the community water fountain. 
  • Be proactive and speak out if your safety is threatened. 
  • Disinfect equipment or machine before and after use.
  • Bring your props, including weightlifting belts, mats, and bands.

These safety protocols are just some of the most effective ways to avoid contracting the coronavirus. Keeping yourself disciplined is particularly beneficial given that you are not just responsible for your health, but also others sharing the space.

Maintaining Your Space When Working Out

It’s always important when you decide to go back to the gym that space is maintained while working out. Experts agree that there should be at least 6 feet distance between one person to another to avoid exposing each other to droplets.  

If you are going with your gym buddies, there are instances when you tend to forget the new normal and congregate in one corner. Reducing class size, minimising the number of gym-goers, and limiting the number of people gathering in a specific area, should always be maintained. 

There is still no definite answer as to how far virus-containing droplets can spread. Maintaining the recommended distance is still the safest and most secure way of hitting your workout without the risks. 

Constantly changing your workout routine is also a good way to avoid a cluster of people waiting for their turn on the equipment.The only thing you need to consider during these hard times is protecting yourself by following the health standards being enforced by the gym management. With almost every gym in Sydney opening up, everyone must do their best to protect each other and prevent the virus from closing gyms and fitness facilities again.