Shortcut That Helps Get You Into Ketosis

Getting into ketosis can be achieved using some different tips and tricks, but they can differ in terms of the time it will take to get you there, or the side effects you may experience along the way. So, the question of the day seems to be — which way is the fastest to get into ketosis, and what has the least downsides?

Keep in mind that since we are all different, not everything that works for you will work for anyone else. Some people can get into ketosis by cutting out their carb intake, and may not experience any side effects of it. Others will try to do the same, only to get the keto flu. But one thing that seems to give optimal results in both cases is the combination of slowing down the rate of carb restriction and the use of keto-friendly supplements.

These two make a power couple for a number of reasons, and you are just about to find out all about it. In order to understand this whole process, there are several things you should know. First of all, you have to understand ketosis.

What we know as ketosis is a state your metabolism enters once you change its fuel source. Most of your meals before you started the keto diet have probably had a high amount of carbs in them, and your body has gotten used to using these carbs (and sugars) as its primary fuel source. Once you drastically reduce your carb intake, your body has to find another source of fuel to keep you going.

Ketosis is when your liver steps in and starts converting fats and protein into ketones. Your new energy sources are the fats and proteins you eat, which are then turned into ketones.

keto-friendly supplements

Now, this is an aggressive change that you are introducing to your metabolism. And it usually does not happen without some side effects. In the period between your body becoming a ketone-powered machine, it will have to use carbs as an energy source. Before it starts producing enough ketones to sustain you, you will have a lack of ketones, to begin with, and this is the main reason for the keto flu.

This means that if you want to avoid having the keto flu, but still want to get into ketosis quickly, you will have to cut off your carb intake and use some keto-friendly supplements to provide your metabolism with enough ketones to use as a fuel. There are loads of supplements you can use to achieve this perfect balance, but you may want to focus on getting exogenous ketones, creatine or MCT-based supplements. These have proven themselves to be the best allies when it comes to getting into ketosis quickly (and maintaining it).
Not only will you avoid (or at least alleviate) some of the symptoms of the keto flu, but you will also have more energy. This means that you can start/continue working out at your own pace, and the supplements will take care of your muscle gain and weight loss. And, as long as you eat enough protein, your muscles will be able to recover from your workout quickly and without leaving you with that sore feeling.

There is another way to quickly get into ketosis, though you may not enjoy it as much as the previous one. You can try fasting! This is the fastest way to induce ketosis but often results in keto flu if not done correctly.

The optimal period for fasting is up to 48 hours. Your metabolism will then start depleting its glycogen stores and rapidly producing ketones to make up for the lack of carbs you are eating. Of course, if you do not intake enough fats and protein (along with some healthy supplements) after your 48-hour fast, you may be at risk of experiencing the mentioned keto flu.

When it comes to ketosis (and ketogenic diets in general), it is essential to understand that it cannot happen overnight. Fundamentally, you are changing the core of what your body has been used to up until now, and this does not come that easy. But it can be done if you follow these steps, and make sure you don’t slip and eat a meal that is high carbs, because you will have to do everything all over again. Imagine going through keto flu twice just because of a few hamburgers!

Overall, it is essential to keep in mind that getting into ketosis is the easy part, but maintaining it is the challenge! And as long as you make sure that your carb intake is reducing day by day, your supplements will do everything else!