Lat Exercises for Men at Gym & Home

If you want to improve and strengthen your back muscles you really need to find out the best lat exercises for men at gym or at home. Thought, you can easily find lat exercise but it is difficult to find the best lat exercises. However, this article will greatly help of find what you have been looking for. Thought, men usually prefer to go to gym to perform exercises but for those who prefer to do it at home, I have also included lat exercises for men at home in this article.

Latissimus Dorsi or Lats

Latissimus Dorsi, commonly known as lats, are considered to be one group of the most important muscles in your body as these are greatly helpful in extending, lengthening, rotating and moving your arms. When you are using your arms in one way or the other way, latissimus dorsi have to be involved in any activity. Therefore, the importance of this particular muscular area can never be denied.

Lat Exercises for Men – Dumbbell Rows

There are various lat exercises for men with dumbbells and without dumbbells but when it is about the use of dumbbells in your workouts, the most important moves are known as ROWS which specifies lats. There are different types of rows such as seated rows, one armed rows, barbell rows and most importantly dumbbell rows.

The muscle building gurus and experienced bodybuilders think that rows can be greatly useful in training lats as another important muscles group known as biceps also get involved in rows.

Lat Workout Exercises – Bent Barbell Row

After dumbbell rows, the second most important rows are bent barbell row which are believed to be extremely useful compound exercises. Once you have a warmed up body with ready to get benefited mode, these simple workout routines will give you amazing results and you will surely enjoy doing them.

It is said that the gripping involved in this move, will be completely depending upon your requirement and the specific area of your lat muscles. If you want to target middle back and upper lats, you should go for over hand gripping. On contrary, if you want to target your lower lats, you should go for over hand gripping.

The above mentioned moves are to train specific areas but for the overall back muscles development requires constantly change in grips.

Lat Workouts for Men – One Arm Barbell Row

One arm barbell row let you have a complete and strong stretch at bottom while let you get contraction from the top. It is suggested that the main focus should be on all of the 3 parts of repetition i.e. concentric, eccentric, & isocentric because of the fact that the one arm barbell row is lats isolation movement.

If you want to learn about the best lat workout for men, you cannot find better than those mentioned above. Include them in your routine workouts and soon you will realize how effective they are in building and strengthening Latissimus Dorsi.