Best Lat Workout for Women

If you have been looking for the best lat workout for women to gain increased and improved muscles in your back and lat, this article would be your full and final search as you will finally find here what you have looked everywhere. In this article, some of the most effective bodybuilding workouts to get strength, power and beauty will be discussed including lat exercises for women at home.

Your lats or latissimus dorsi is considered to be the most powerful muscles in your back. These muscles lengthen, rotate and extend the arm transversely from the shoulder and also contribute with misery scapular. Lat muscles always get involved eight you are pushing your body towards something or pulling something towards you.

Lat Exercises for Women with Free Weights

lat exercises for women with free weights includes dumbbell rows which works perfectly for the back muscles and during this exercise your elbow stays close to your body arm and this position greatly involves the latissimus dorsi. If you are doing bent over row, this will allow you to make your elbow flicker out of the body. If you are performing bent over barbell row, this will work with both of your arms at the same time. However, this will be much better for you to work with single arm at one time by using dumbbells.

  • When you get ready to perform this exercise, get to a weight bench.
  • Come to the bench, bend forward, use your opposite arm and knee to balance your body and spread out left arm while the dumbbell is gripped in your hand under your shoulder.
  • Once you have a strong grip on dumbbells and balanced body, begin your movement by pulling up and lowering down.
  • You can repeat the same as many times as you can easily manage.

Lat Exercises for Women Without Weights

Performing lat exercises for women without weights are quite helpful in strengthening back. Moreover, these will also assist and provide you great help and support to improve the overall performance of your body. It is strongly believed that a stronger back and lats endorse improved posture and the proper use of these exercises also help in preventing back pain. When it is about exercises without weights, you can find a number of variations and different exercises which you can use to work with your back muscles. Another important thing is that you can even perform them at your home.

Cobra move is one of the best latissimus dorsi exercises for women and you can perform it to work with the lower area of your back. Since, it is performed without weights, you don’t find it difficult at all.

  • Lie down on flat surface of the floor with your face down, straight legs and arms on sides.
  • Now you will tighten your primary and core muscles and slowly and carefully raise upper part of your body off the flat surface.
  • Meanwhile, rise up and back your arms and lift the legs off the surface.
  • Hold on to this position for about three seconds and then revert back to your initial position.
  • You can repeat this particular move for 10 times and in a few days of practice you will realize that this is no doubt one of the most effective latissimus dorsi workouts for women.