Learn About 4 HIIT Myths – True or False

Everyone who is training for general fitness, weight loss or muscles building wants to get maximum results in less time with minimum efforts. Now it seems like no one really wants to think about hard working and consistency. You might have heard so many times that high-intensity interval training (HIIT) works amazing fast and give great results in fitness training as well as fat loss.

The HIIT couples with low to moderate-intensity exercise intervals recovery phases. A survey conducted in 2014 by The American College of Sports Medicine shows that High-Intensity Interval Training is the top fitness trend in the world. However, there are some myths about HIIT and you should know about them if they are true or false.

Myth # 1: Every One Can Perform HIIT

This is a very common myth that everyone can perform HIIT which is not right because if you want to play a particular sport such as a marathon, you can’t do it without proper training. Therefore, if you want to get maximum results through High Intensity Workouts, you must work under the guidance of an expert trainer who can teach you everything from beginning to the advanced movements. If you begin training yourself, you may be more prone to get injuries and therefore, you should always begin with low intensity aerobic workouts rather than directly trying to work with HIIT.

Myth # 2: There is No Difference in HIIT and SMIT

There is a little confusion about HIIT and SMIT as most of the people who perform supramaximal interval training commonly called SMIT, get misunderstanding that they are doing high intensity interval training commonly called HIIT. While you are doing a HIIT, you have to follow exercise intervals from low to moderate intensity exercises. On contrary, when you are doing SMIT, you have to follow all-out bursts of exercise intermingled with complete break periods, or no bustle at all.

Myth # 3: You Needs Nothing More Than A HIIT to Lose Weight

There should not be any doubt that a well-developed strength training system can bring amazing results and provide great amount of power and strength to get impressive physical appearance and to speed up athletic performance. However, most of the people don’t know that putting wear more muscles is also necessary to speed up fat burning process. Therefore, it is said that the more muscles, you have, the more fat your body burns.

Myth # 4: HITT is Much Better Than Steady State Cardio

The increasing popularity of high intensity interval training has greatly decreased the popularity of steady state aerobic training such as biking, treadmill orelliptical trainer. Another fact about steady state cardio which has fallen it almost out of the popular exercises is that it also kills the muscles you gain through strength training. However, some experts also believe that if you do low impact aerobic like cycling which does not require high impact can give you fitness benefits without destroying strength and size. The High Intensive Interval Training can give you really amazing results if you perform them with correct form and proper technique.