How Long Should My Workout Be?

One of the most asked queries I get as a professional bodybuilding expert regards the length of the workout timing. Some recommend 30 minutes, others 45 minutes and still others one hour at the most. People also believe that fatigue begins to set in after an hour. Through this article, I would like to finally put an end to this issue once and for all.

How to Really Time Your Workout

The real issue is that how do we tend to spend the total time in the gym from start to finish- right from the time we enter its doors to the time we step out. If we are to be brutally honest, this would include time taken to have a shower, do stretching exercises and other warm-ups, then our established workout routines and a cooling down exercise and showers at the end before we step out into the real world again.

By my estimates, a first time bodybuilder starting off the blocks should take at least 30 minutes to do the main exercise routines, adding together the extra time for showers and warm-ups and cooling downs as miscellaneous. At the same time, it depends on the program and the workout routines you are following. As you progress, you may want to do supersets or interval based training, which may take considerably less time than going through the normal exercise routines with rest intervals in between.

So at any rate, 30 minutes is just a rough estimate for early days, because typically fatigue starts kicking in after about 20 minutes or so. There is no limit to the variety of exercise routines you can choose as you progress though to intermediate and then advanced levels to become a professional bodybuilder. At some stage, you will yourself get an intimate understanding of the exact exercises and sets you need to develop the weaker areas of your physique so that you are rewarded with an overall balanced development. When you do achieve this, you have approached the bodybuilder’s utopia.

Is There Really a Need for a Time Estimate?

One may therefore wonder whether there is really a need for a time estimate. Well, yes and no. The real purpose of a time estimate is to give you an idea of how long a typical set of exercises should last, without excessive time spent in yapping with your pals, discussing the weather or the new chick around the block etc. It means time taken to exercise with no extra time included for distractions, etc.

Then again, the time take to exercise is hardly ever typical because unless you have a gym or exercise equipment of your own, you have to give in to things like sharing equipment and waiting your turn while the other guy completes his sets. Unless it is a very exclusive club where timings are booked and adhered to like clockwork, the best rule for time estimate is: as long as it takes to complete the exercise routines properly. Make that your primary guide in all that you do- it is proper form and movement that will lead to perfection.