Lose Weight in the Kitchen: 5 Kitchen Tools That’ll Help You Lose Weight

Indeed, one of the easiest and simplest technique to save calories and money is to prepare your meals. However, work and family responsibilities, as well as time constraints often make cooking meals a challenge.

But, by investing in a couple of kitchen gadgets and tools, you can make it a lot easier to prepare meals, slash cooking time, and savor healthier meals. At the same time moving closer to your weight loss targets.

However, the struggle is what type of kitchen tools to get. For a little help, listed below are five kitchen gadgets that’ll help you simplify the cooking time and trim your waistline.

Small Plates and Bowls

Unequivocally, big plates or bowls means bigger meal portions. You might assume that you decide or choose how much food you intake, but that’s not the case. According to a published study in the Journal of Consumer Research, there are two courses that your mind deceits you into eating less or more without you being aware of it.

According to the researchers, if you want to lose some pounds, let your plate supervise your portion. Thus, use a  smaller plate. For example, if you place a small serving of food on a big plate, your mind will instantly tell you that you’re eating a small piece of food, making you fill more food on the plate.

However, if you do the same on a small plate, your mind will automatically tell you that you’re eating a large piece of food. Thus, you will avoid adding more food to your dish. By using small plates, you’ll minimize the number of calories you’re eating, which make you feel satisfied at the same time.  So, let the dish take full control of your meal portion for you.

You can buy a set of small plates in any online stores such as Deal Wiki. Be sure that it’ll suit you and all of your needs.

Vegetable Spiralizer

Now more than ever, most people are sensible on what type of food they intake. These days, replacing pasta with vegetable noodles are all on the rage. Perhaps you have heard about them. Vegetable noodles are an excellent way to minimize your carb intakes and consume more vegetables.

With the help of a vegetable spiralizer, you can easily whip veggies into pasta. Even if you choose to eat pasta every single night, you’ll never have to worry about weight gain because you’ll cut down your carbs and fill more nutrients into your meal, but still you’ll get to enjoy or savor that pasta texture.

Oil Spritzer

If you are planning to cut down your weight, then you should know that the oil you use for cooking can stack up calories – usually over a hundred calories per tablespoon. Yes, there are healthy oils such as olive, but when you overuse it, without a doubt, you’ll gain more calories.

One solution to this problem is to store oil in a mist spray bottle. With the help of this spray bottle, you’ll likely reduce or minimize the amount of oil you put on the pan, while proportionately coating whatever you are cooking.

Measuring Spoons

Well, you might think that a set of measuring spoons are only for adding spices or liquids to recipes. But a measuring spoon set is also handy and helpful for scooping a handful of small servings of food like sugar, nuts, or any other toppings to add in prepared dishes. They can also help you manage portion sizes to cut down weight.

Be sure to search for a set of measuring spoon that’ll allow you to dip and sweep. You should also be able to make use of a flat blade to clean the rim to get the most precise measurement. Remember to avoid spoons with dips or bumps in the handle because it can impede your capability to get a specific amount of liquid or toppings.

Digital Kitchen Scale

Before you prepare your meal, it’s of the utmost importance to weigh your food first. To do that, make sure to get a digital kitchen scale to get the portion sizes accurately and cut down calories.

Weighing food before cooking them will help you avoid calorie creep. For instance, a small-sized and medium-sized potato. The difference between these two sizes is about 30 calories. So, if you choose to add some small amounts of food over the day, it can cut at least 500 or more calories.


Of course, having a healthy diet and exercise can help you lose some pounds. However, the way you prep your foods or meals can also have a huge impact on your capability to lose weight. Keep in mind that trying to lose some pounds means making some small changes. Thus, it’s very vital to equip yourself and your kitchen with the right tools. Be sure to pick kitchen tools that’ll help you lose weight and makes meal preparation a lot easier.