Do What You Really Love to Do – Hope for the Best & Plan for the Worst

Most of those who have been in love believe that nothing can be scarier than getting involved in a true love relationship. This is the strangest form of gamble in human history that everyone wants to play with a hope to win. Though the fear of losing this gamble creates great terror in their mind as well as heart but they don’t stop playing it.

This is almost impossible to stop yourself tasting the feeling of love for the first time in your life because when you taste it, you don’t realize until you got addicted of it. You can’t ask anyone not to experience love because nobody will listen you at least into this matter.

When you fall in love with someone, you begin noticing the symptoms such as the fear of losing your lover will never let you sleep again. Nobody knows what future brings for us but wise are those who are mentally prepared for facing all good or bad consequences of the love.

Do What You Really Love to Do

  • When you do something that you really love to do is something that gets you involved into a long term relationship with emotional attachments where you have the fear to lose and hope to gain. But at least you try to achieve your goals.
  • When you are in a relationship with someone, you have to go through ups and downs of life. Sometimes, you enjoy each and every moment together and sometimes, experience the bad days. That’s all just the part of your life.
  • However, the best part of the gamble when you do what you love to do is that you try your best to achieve your goals and the fear of loss prepare you to diminish the risk of anxiety, bad feeling, depression and any form of worst consequences.

Setting Up Your Goals with Backup Plan

You might have also heard a very old but still famous quote that “Hope for the best but plan for the worst. If you try to understand the meaning of this simple quotation, it has the secret of a successful life and you can apply this anywhere in your life. For example, if you want to achieve your weightlifting goals, you can set two categories of goals.

Category 1:

Set your biggest weightlifting goal that seems to be really difficult to achieve.

Category 2:

Set various smaller goals which you can easily achieve with no problem at all.

Now what’s’ the logic behind creating two different categories of goals? The first category gives you a hope to reach to the highest level of performance while the second category gives you a plan for the worst days when you find it almost impossible to achieve your highest target.


Do what you really love to do as this will make you passionate about your goals and you will try to do your best. On the other hand, set up a backup so you don’t feel like you have got completely ruined in case you feel to achieve your targets.