How to Maintain a Well-Balanced Fitness & Social Life?

When we say well-balanced life style it may be taken differently by different classes of thought but when it is about establishing a well-balanced link between 2 different lifestyles, it means your fitness and social life in which you have to be quite conscious while still enjoying your social activities. If you are passionate about your fitness goal, you take the double responsibility to maintain your fitness level. However, it is not always easy to live a dual lifestyle and you really have to work harder to prepare a plan.

Eating Out at Restaurants

Social life is incomplete without going out for eating but when you go, you face real challenge especially when the people with you order for junk foods, processed foods, alcohol, creamy dressing salads and thick steak. It is not easy for you to stay away from such delicious foods but make sure you don’t go for anything else than having a glass of wine or if you don’t get satisfied, drink a glass of water rather than ordering for wine.

When you order for a salad, prefer something tossed with oil dressing and vinegar. When you see some of your friends eating steak, you might like to take a bit of it but you had better go for a chicken breast or a leaner meat cut which will be great substitute to red meat.

Here comes the last day of your outing and that is dessert, now what you should do if you don’t eat dessert full of sugar, the better choice for you is to have a cup of coffee rather than dessert. Remember that desserts might provide your body with more amount of calories than you can get with your entire evening meal and surely, this will smash up your efforts that you have done to limit the amount of calories.

Partying at Homes or Clubs

The second important activity of social life is partying and off course no party without alcohol. Now what to do avoid high consumption of alcohol at party? Well, it can be a challenge for you because at party everyone is free to do anything to enjoy each and every moment but you have to be careful about your fitness goals and you can’t do what everyone is doing. Therefore, you can have a meal high in protein and low in carb and fat before you get ready for the party.

When you reach at the club, go for light beer and vodka low in carb and cocktails. If you drink at least one glass of water between two glasses of alcohol or even you simply drink water by throwing ice cubes in your glass, this will be a nice trick to maintain your social life without letting anyone know that you have water in your glass rather than vodka.

Watching Movie at Theater

Another great place for mixing with people and increasing your social interaction is Movie Theater where you face another challenge in form of salty and buttery popcorn, fizzy drinks and candy. Now if you have to order for drinks, go for fruit juices or lemonade.