Making CrossFit Fun

A mundane life provokes tirdeous and vapid feelings. In a long go, which leads to various mental  and physical disorders and ailments. One has to sweat off this life’s obtusity.

What other way to get off this gadget induced life, than to start off with workout. when we talk about workout and gyming. The first thing strikes our mind is crossfit. Crossfit was designed to meet more generalized goals of achieving overall fitness. This is now a sport which is not gender biased anymore. Both men and women equally enjoy its delight.

The sore, the stretch, the pain, only ends up with the gain. CROSSFIT is not just a workout it’s a LIFESTYLE. Your struggle takes you to the threshold of your passion. When you join the crossfit thing, all the vile,  mind numbing thoughts in your mind get replaced with your crossfit wod meme and PR. You struggle everyday to beat your own PR. You start praising your ownself for your achievements.

Cross fitters know very well what the double unders mean. what it takes. This is one big deal only cross fitters knew once.

cross fit teaches you to embrace the bruises and the burning you get through. it’s a g game of more pain, more gain.

Every other workout seems a low key to those who know crossfit. you learn to outpace the fears and demons of life when you realise no big ticket or a big deal is really that big! Only thing on the nerves of a crossfitter is, crossfit. They focus on their WOD and work accordingly. The box is the intimate lifespan for them.
What a better way to start off a life, other than to find a partner with the same crossfit craze. Life would become a real bliss when you discuss you WOD with the lifepartner.

It is real fun to brag about the workout  all day with those who are already engaged to the esteem. And to flaunt your PR to the beginners.

It does hurt a lot but it doesn’t really actually hurt. it is a pain that boosts your mental abilities. It keeps you fresh, alive and perky throughout the day.

This is not just a month’s or a year’s deal. It goes on with the life. The attainments are visible. What only you have to do is to collect the praisemets and complements wherever you go, whoever you meet.

Crossfit is the best means of shedding off your extra fat or to consume it in the best way ever.

The most interesting thing about crossfit is, you feel dying for a day’s off, but when you get on off you start missing the workout already! It runs with your blood once you get into it.

Not everyone you meet would understand your passion. It’s just alright to let people critisize your craziness. Not everyone would encourage. Focus on your own path. Not every opinion matters to your life infact.

you might not like your trainer for sometime. you might call them brutal or ruthless even. But you are going to  be thankful to them one day for sure. The day you would realise that all the strictness pressure and brutality (in your opinion) was for your own good.