Man Strength: 5 Natural Ways to Boost Your Libido

Having a strong libido doesn’t just give you an enjoyable sex life; it has been proven to have beneficial effects on overall health in several ways. A strong libido can help you to enhance your sexual performance, improve intimacy with your partner, along with several other possible social and health benefits. If your libido level is not at a place you would like it to be, and you are looking for means to improve it to a stronger level, below are several natural methods that are believed to enhance a male’s sex drive and which you could try out. 

1. The choice of food is key

Eating healthy is an essential component contributing to enhancing good libido. In addition to generally eating healthy foods to maintain an excellent cardiovascular profile (critical in raising and preserving erections among other sexual benefits), if you are looking to improve your libido, some natural foods are perfect. These foods are described as aphrodisiacs in that they are thought to boost the male sex drive, which you could try out. Examples of these natural aphrodisiacs include oysters, figs, bananas, avocados, tomatoes, almonds, and garlic, among others. Some herbs are also thought to improve male potency and which you might want to look into include ginkgo, Macau etc. Wine is also believed to be a potent sex stimulant, and taking a glass of it from time to time might help improve your libido.

2. Cut down on the smoke and alcohol

If you are looking to improve your libido, the solution might lie in several lifestyle changes. Two lifestyle changes in particular that you can adopt, which are accepted to have a positive effect on the male libido, include cutting back on smoking and excessive alcohol intake. Smoking tends to cause narrowing of blood vessels, which restricts blood supply to your sex organs, among other areas, and can adversely affect your sexual health. Also, reduced alcohol intake can have a net positive benefit on the libido, as excessive alcohol intake can slow the body systems down, thus decreasing the male sex drive and performance. Cutting back, therefore, on smoking and drinking can exert a boosting effect on your libido, which may have been previously repressed by those activities.

3. An unhealthy weight holds back a healthy libido

One of the factors that can negatively affect male sex drive is being overweight. For one, being overweight may distort your cardiovascular profile and, consequently, the blood supply to the sexual organs. It may also cause the level of free testosterone- the hormone majorly responsible for libido to fall. A bodyweight that’s too low doesn’t do much good for the libido either. It follows, therefore, that if you are looking for an improved libido, an aspect you might want to focus on is maintaining healthy body weight as this can improve your stamina and libido.  Maintaining healthy body weight is achieved by cutting down on excess calories, exercising regularly, eating at appropriate periods, among other positive practices that help keep you at a healthy weight level.

4. Stress reduces your sex drive grossly, cut it.

Stress is an almost inevitable component of daily life. However, excessive stress levels can negatively affect male libido. The male sex drive, in addition to the biological part, also involves a psychological component. Stress affects both adversely. If you desire natural methods to improve your libido, you might want to take up regular practices aimed at reducing the stress levels in your life. Some of these practices may include yoga, regular exercise, mindfulness exercises, among other similar routines. Also, reduce your daily exposure to stress if it’s on the high side. Another factor that plays into negatively effecting the male libido is confidence, if they do not have good self-confidence it can make it harder for them to initiate sex. With the size of their penis being a big reason for male confidence issues it is no surprise that many men speak to a permanent penis enlargement specialist to help get them to the size they would like to be – helping to boost their confidence.

5. Pump up the tempo

In addition to the methods listed above, another possible way you can boost your libido is by the use of simple devices designed to improve blood supply to the penis called penis pumps. A common penis pump used includes bathmate hydropump. These devices may help improve the male libido and sexual performance by enhancing the blood supply to the penis amidst other effects. Penis pumps come in a variety of types and specifications and if the use interests you, you may find one that suits your tastes. Be advised that improper usage of such a device can cause injury, so it’s important that you read a How to Use a Penis Pump Properly Instructional Guide beforehand. 


A strong libido can help improve sexual health and fulfillment among other benefits. A number of safe, natural ways you can try out to boost your sex drive to the level you desire have been discussed in the article, with each of them offering an improvement in the factors that contribute to male virility. Following a regime that combines these methods appropriately is likely to positively improve your libido levels and boost your sexual performance.