Mental and Physical Benefits of Enrolling in Boulder CO Yoga

Yoga in Colorado has become increasingly popular over the past couple of years. Some classes are presented under the stars, on paddle boards, in aquariums and even on food trucks. Citizens even dedicate an entire festival to it in July.

The Eastern practice isn’t rising in popularity only because it’s a new fad that all wants to follow. It holds a number of mental and physical benefits. When you partake in regular classes you can experience many of the following benefits.


Greater Flexibility

The poses within yoga pushes the body’s limits. You probably won’t be able to touch your toes at your first class, but after a few sessions you’ll see a great improvement.

Yoga specifically focuses on loosening from the hips. Through stretching the hamstrings and loosening muscles, you’ll feel aches and pains (especially in the lower back) disappear.

If you want to learn how to become more flexible and even master the splits through yoga, watch this.

Promotes Better Posture

Yogis all over the world try to reach the perfect posture. Each pose within the practice needs a specific alignment. The practice teaches to keep your shoulders relaxed, your spine straight, and your muscles unstrained.

Soon, your body will naturally move into a better posture while you sit and stand. Making sure there are no unnatural strain on your spine due to bad posture.

Muscle Strength and Power

When you reach intermediate and expert levels of yoga, you’ll soon discover that you really have to engage your core to master certain poses. Balancing on your hands, doing headstands, and standing on one foot.

Sure, you will build muscles through weight training too, but yoga uses both flexibility and balance to achieve strength-intense poses.

Increase Blood Flow

The combination of relaxation exercises, stretches, and flow exercises gets your blood circulation going. Through partaking in regular Boulder CO yoga classes, oxygen will be released into your cells creating a healthier overall blood flow.

Shoulder stands, head stands, and twisting poses are created to wring out toxins from the blood and internal organs. Blood moves back into the heart where it is directly pumped to the heart to receive fresh oxygen.

Decreased Blood Pressure

People suffering from high blood pressure will benefit greatly from yoga. It has been proven that someone who practices the Savasana pose, where you lie on your back with hands facing the sky, you can achieve a 26-point decrease in systolic blood pressure, and a 15-point decrease in diastolic blood pressure.


Raises Endorphin Levels

It has been proven countless times, that staying active can increase your endorphin levels. Endorphins are the hormones found in your body that creates a happy feeling.

If your endorphin levels are low, you’ll feel deflated and in severe cases even depressed. The practice has been proven to escalate endorphin levels, since the poses and movements focus on both body and mind and not only the body.

Learn more about endorphins here:

Increases Focus

While practicing yoga, you’ll encounter a number of poses where you have to focus on your breath and on relaxing. One of the practice’s key factors are for participants to focus on the present.

When you combine mindfulness meditation with physical exercises, you’ll be able to achieve a higher focus level, better coordination, memory, and even a higher IQ score.

Relaxes your Mind and Body

There are a number of different breathing exercises that one can practice throughout a yoga session. Focusing on your breath and being aware of staying in the present moment can ultimately relax your mind and body.

After many intense yoga sessions, time is allocated to a relaxing Savasana or meditation. Which allows individuals to calm their minds and bring their thoughts back into the present moment. This allows for the ultimate relaxation experience.

Partaking in regular meditation and yoga sessions will eventually give you the right tools to implement in your daily life. Allowing you a more stress-free and relaxed day-to-day lifestyle.

The great thing about yoga is that you won’t only see physical changes, but you’ll feel a great improvement in your mental state. Achieving great physical strength and inner peace is what it’s all about.