Mesomorph Diet Plan

If you are blessed with a mesomorph body type, you are one of the luckiest persons in the world as mesomorphs are born to be athletes and have muscular body physique. They have the ability to gain or lose excessive body fat very easily if they use proper workout and diet plans to maintain their bodies.

Training for Mesomorph

It is believed that the body status of mesomorphs enable them to perform all types of simple and tough exercises during strength training as their bodies are naturally muscular and have great stamina. The boot camp training and yoga both are considered to be really effective for them and if they are having circuit training, that can be an awesomely effective way for them to strength and stamina. Along with proper exercises, one should also follow proper for mesomorph body type.

Diet for Mesomorph

It is believed about the mesomorphs that they never have to face big challenges for building muscles or gaining strength as their god gifted capabilities bring them lots of advantages and what they just have to do is to include a healthy diet in their routine. A well balanced diet can be a combination of 40% carbs, 40% lean protein and 20- 30% fats. The regular calories intake for you should be 500 calories however, if you want to shed excessive body fat, you can easily reduce your regular calories intakes.

Calories for Mesomorph

It is really easy to determine that how many calories a mesomorph need to take per day to maintain his/her health. If you want to know an ideal amount of calories for you, you can simply multiply your weight by 15 which means if you are 190ibs of weight, you need to consume 2,850 calories every day. Therefore, you must apply the above formula while following a mesomorph body type diet.

Gain or Lose Weight

Those who want to gain weight and get lean body muscles mass should increase the amount of calories from the actual amount that your body needs to maintain current weight. However, those who want to lose weight should reduce the amount of calories.

Adjustments in Diet

You also need to make few adjustment in your die menu by increasing the intake of protein such as 1g per pound to get lean muscles mass. If the amount of fast digestive carbs is high, you must lower it down. In addition to this, the low-glycemic complex carbs should be included in your diet such as beans, nuts, pastas, whole wheat bread, yams, sweet potatoes and brown rice.

It is said that the inclusion of slow-digesting carbs in your diet will help in maintaining insulin levels which make sure that whatever weight you gain, be converted into lean muscles rather than storing unhealthy fat in the body.


The diet for mesomorph women or men can be equally effective for both genders if they are trying to get healthy bodies. If you are a mesomorph, you must follow the above suggestions to get the maximum advantage of your god gifted body type.