Mesomorph Workout – Weight Training, Cardiovascular Exercise & Nutrition

The human body physique comes into 3 forms which are known as ectomorph, mesomorph and endomorph. The ectomorphs usually finds to gain weight and muscles difficult while the endomorphs have other problems to face. As far as mesomorphs are concerned, they come between both of them and have larger bones with strong muscles. They have the natural abilities to fit into athletic frame and find it much easier to gain muscles and lose weight quickly.

Weight Training

Mesomorphs have great bodies and their natural abilities make them stronger than the others and they can respond more easily and effectively to the exercises. When they train, their gains can be very easily noticed as they gain so quickly. Mesomorph workouts can contain resistance training multiple sessions for weekly basis and use moderate weight to heavy weights. The limited period of rest between the two sets is advised as it helps mesomorphs build and get bigger size.

You can divide your sessions into alternative days and can perform lower and upper body compound exercises. Use 2-3 sets of 8-12 repetition along with the resting period of 60-90 seconds or more after every set. The compound exercises are used to work with more groups of muscles and joints. They also include deadlift, pullup, bent-over row, squat and chest press.

Cardiovascular Exercise

As mentioned above that the mesomorphs finds it quite easy to gain strength, they also finds it easy to gain weight quickly and easily with little efforts. This is the reason why cardiovascular exercise are considered to be the essential part of mesomorph pre-workout routines.

30-45 minutes of cardio workout with intensive resistance 3-5 times a week is considered to be very effective and useful for mesomorphs. If you have cardio training interval, it will surely provide you with optimal results and this will enable your body to burn maximum amount of calories per minute.

You can be benefited with step mill, the ergometer and the elliptical trainer as all of them are proven to be providing best cardiovascular workouts for fat-burning. Warm-up your body for 5 minutes and then have sprinting for at least 1 minute. Follow brisk sprinting with steady movement for about 2 minutes for your recovery and then repeat 3 minutes in circuit 6 extra times, then take 4 minutes to get completely cool down.


Mesomorph workout routine is incomplete without a proper diet plan. You must include adequate amount of nutrition in your diet the inadequacy can lead you to little gaining of muscles at the gym. Low fat proteins, seafood and poultry will help you build strong and massive muscles mass and will encourage you to grow muscles.

Also include complex carbohydrates in your diet plan such as green vegetables, low-sugar fruits and whole grain foods provide the mesomorph with sufficient amount of energy to work throughout the workouts. High-fiber foods can increase the feelings of fullness and you can work even better. When you perform high intensive workouts, you can replenish water with sports drinks.