Microneedling: Frequently asked questions

There are more and more options in terms of treatments to rejuvenate our face’s skin and achieve that much desired victory over time and the consequent aging. One of the latest techniques to come out is microneedling. Haven’t heard of it yet? We explain what microneedling treatment is: advantages, prices of this rejuvenation therapy, and frequently asked questions.

What is Microneedling Treatment and what is it for? 

Microneedling is a therapy to rejuvenate the skin and works with collagen. It is done with needles, however, you should not be alarmed, since they are very small needles and the treatment does not hurt, or at least, it does not produce severe pain. Instead it only causes mild discomfort, such as very small stitches that perhaps the skin is more sensitive too. With this tool, which is nothing more than a microneedle roller, it causes very small wounds on the skin. 

Do not be impressed by this either, because the wounds are so tiny that they will not be seen, nor will they cause harm. Precisely, the result that is obtained is that the body itself begins to function, producing collagen to heal its wounds.

Collagen supplements, what are they for?

Microneedling tricks the body into believing that it is injured, so that it activates its repair tools and, thus, the skin regenerates, giving rise to new, younger, smoother, and healthy skin. In other words, microneedling consists of intentionally inducing the production of collagen.

Unlike other treatments, microneedling treatments are does not use needles to apply collagen, but what it does is cause the body itself to generate it. At this point, we must remember that collagen is a natural substance that our own body is responsible for manufacturing. Thanks to collagen, muscles and skin remain firm and healthy. As we get older, however, collagen production decreases, and for this reason, our skin ages. 

Microneedling can be applied not only on the face, but also on the neck, scalp, and other areas of the body are suitable for it. In fact, if done on the scalp, microneedling treatments are able to stimulate hair growth.

Sessions typically last around 30 minutes. But then the skin is reddened for a few hours. It is not uncommon, that redness remain until the next day, so keep that in mind.

What are the Advantages of Microneedling treatment? 

Among the advantages offered by the microneedling treatment is, for example, the fact that almost anyone is suitable for it. However, there are cases in which it is preferable to abstain, such as skin that has eruptions or a lot of acne and ultra-sensitive skin. Reactions could occur in very sensitive skin.

Another advantage is that we can perform microneedling at home. Of course, logically there will be differences, since, in specialized clinics and centers, they use needles that are larger and with more optimal results. If we choose to do it at home, each team will have its own indications according to the manufacturer.

In any case, since the skin suffers, it is not advisable to abuse this treatment, whether you do it at home or in a center. If it is used at home, once a week will be enough. While if you go to professionals, you will wait have to wait a few months between sessions. This gives the skin a chance to breathe.

With microneedling, you will have a quite economical treatment compared to other treatments to eliminate wrinkles and scars. The face will look rejuvenated, and microneedling can camouflage and even eliminate spots and scars caused by burns or surgical interventions.

Those dreaded crow’s feet, or the nasty mark called a barcode that women get around the lips, when they reach a certain age, can also say goodbye when microneedling is applied. And, of course, old acne marks are others that go away, because new skin comes out.

Microneedling Treatment Prices

If we talk about prices, the city in which you live will greatly influence the cost of microneedling treatment. But more or less, an approximate figure for this treatment is about $119.48 to $179.23 per session. Anyway, find out well, because there are different types of microneedling and, in any case, you always have to go to a trust center.

If, on the contrary, what you want is to do the therapy at home, there is also a great variation in prices between some devices and others that will affect their quality logically. Some brands sell it for about $29.87, although searching you can find much more expensive and cheaper equipment.
A final tip is that after performing the treatment, it is important to take a few precautions to take care of the skin and that it is well repaired. Avoid sunbathing, and apply a good protective cream or lotion. In addition, it will help you to intensify the effects of the treatment. This can be done by including, in your diet, foods, such as bananas, sweet potatoes, and oranges, especially, since they are foods that stimulate the production of collagen. The above are frequently asked questions, that will help you decide whether microneedling will meet your skin needs.