5 Mistakes That You Must Avoid In Muscle Building

There is just a single logic to author this article and that is to assist those bodybuilders who could not gain the physical appearance that could be appreciated even after working hard at the gym for a number of years. There are some very common mistakes that you must avoid to achieve your goal.

1) Focusing on Specific Body Part

Both beginning and advanced muscle builders work hard to transform their physical appearance and that is what they really should do because this is the actual purpose of their muscle building. However, it has been observed that even some of experienced people make one mistake very often and that is just to focus on a certain body area such as shoulders or belly etc. The whole idea is to give appropriate time to each body part that gets involved in muscle building. Therefore, the muscle gurus suggest whole body training rather than a specific part.

2) Lifting Heavier Weight

The more experienced you gain, the more confident you become. That is fine if this is just about being confident enough to handle the weight lifting but when you feel smart enough to lift the weight more than your strength, you actually put yourself at a greater risk because you might even get serious injuries. Therefore, you must take the advice from your seniors before you increase weight.

3) Avoiding Healthy Fat

Some of those who are trying to burn fat and building lean muscles at the same time think that they should avoid all types of fat to get rid of overweight. But when we talk about all types of fat, it also includes the healthy fat which is quite necessary for your body. Therefore, your meal must include all the essential nutrition, complex carbs and healthy fat as well.

4) Training Just Most Exposable Areas

There are the people whose only aim is to train exposable areas such as biceps or pecs and those bodybuilders spend the large part of their training time on certain areas. Some of them really get what they try for but soon after they are revealed upon that they have actually made a great muscle building mistake and they are still standing at the same point from where they started their training. You must try to understand that each of your body part should be equally given proper time for improvement.

5) Wrong Motivation

Slow and steady will make you win this race but if you blindly follow others, there are big chances that you might lose your way. If you are a beginning muscles builder, follow your own routine plan as much as possible. Don’t compare your progress with those who have been training for many years, just concentrate on your workouts with sincerely and honestly.


There are hundred other mistakes that people make but the above mentioned are the most common ones that you must avoid to get the maximum benefits from your training program.