Apps to Help With Your Training

There are over 100,000 fitness related apps available in the App Store and Google Play now, and the amount is only set to continue to rise in the coming years. Mobi Health News revealed in 2014 that over 46 million people used a fitness or health related apps at some point during that year, which gives us an indication of how competitive this specific industry is currently.

The varying degree of fitness apps out there for the consumer is vast. From nutrition apps, to cardio-based training apps, the list is endless. But, for the purpose of this article we’ll look at some apps that will help build muscle.

Stronglift 5×5

Stronglift 5×5 follows a simple mission statement; the user will undertake a particular exercise 3 times with varying weights for 5 reps and 5 sets. The app helps the user tracks their reps for each lift and will even time their “downtime” in between sets. It’s ideal for people who want to track their progression over several months as well as planning workouts over an extended period.

Fitness Point

You’ll never see gains unless you track your workouts, and look to improve upon them every time you enter the gym. Fitness Point is a walking workout journal. Like the below iWOD Pro, it has a vast array of exercises with extensive descriptions to help even beginners on the best ways of building muscles, losing weight, increase cardio-vascular fitness, improving user’s diets and much more.

iWOD Pro

Designed to be a virtual catalogue of workouts, iWOD features over 1,000 different workout routines curated by industry professionals. Currently, the app is revered by the CrossFit community because of its versatility and also houses the TIMERS Pro counter that was used during the CrossFit Open in 2012 and 2013. Because of its obvious allegiance with CrossFit it has a dedicated section, which recommends websites and Paleo sites for good nutrition.

The health and fitness sector of both the App Store and Google Play are seeing more submissions every day. And with trends like CrossFit seeing participation rates exceed 10 million worldwide, it’s ultimately trends like this that are helping drive the health and fitness related apps sector. Couple this with the increased adoption of smartphones across the world, which has seen mobile Internet penetration reach approximately 20% across the globe according to the a blog post by Spin Genie creators, Gaming Realms PLC, you can see why more and more people are relying on apps to help them improve their overall health.

If you’re a CrossFitter or even someone who has used an app to help build, track and improve muscle bulk, let us know how apps helped you in the gym in our comments section below.