Modifications in Bicycle Crunches

Bicycle crunch is such an exercise which is recommended by almost all fitness experts and trainers and this is because they understand the huge benefits of this great yet simple workout. Do bicycle crunches work for everyone? Well yes, bicycle crunches can be done by everyone i.e. young, elder, men and women.

You can also use modified bicycle crunch or if you want to modify them to fulfill your fitness needs, you can yourself do it. There are the people who might have certain types of physical problems and are unable to do the regular form of bicycle crunches. The good news is that this exercise can be modified to meet everyone’s requirement.

  1. You can increase or decrease the motion for each rep and can make them easier or harder.
  2. If you don’t find the regular form, you can use standing bicycle crunch which will be even more useful but will be a little harder for some people.
  3. If you have limited movement, you can move as far as you can easily reach without hurting your muscles or causing discomfort or pain to your body
  4. In case you feel discomfort or pain because of the hard surface of the floor, you can use a padding mat until your back comes into the comfortable position.
  5. If you want to want make these workouts harder you can use your ankles and wrist to add weight to increase the required exertion.

The above mentioned are some modifications but there are many other which you can use according to your requirement. If you wish to tone, strengthen, and sculpted your stomach or just want to lose excessive body weight and stubborn body fat then this should be the best exercise for you. The various cardiovascular advantages and level of intensity provided from this simple workout make it an ideal exercise for everyone. The modifications allow you to make it the perfect exercise for you.