Here’s How You Can Finally Motivate Yourself to Workout

Motivate Yourself to Workout
What else is the toughest thing to do than to ditch fast food from your everyday life once and for all? I know. Working out. Of course, for the gym rats, it’s not a problem at all. They have fitness goals to achieve. So, they stick to it. And they’re super motivated to do so.

You’re probably wondering, where do they get that burning motivation that you don’t have? Why does it seem so easy for them to stick to a workout schedule despite having busy lives? While they’re super motivated to burn those extra calories and get rid of unwanted pounds, there you are living as a couch potato because you think it’s the easiest option. You surely need to change that! But how?

First Things First: Goals

You’ve heard it a thousand times: Set fitness goals for yourself. But just a moment, how do you do proper goal-setting when it comes to fitness anyway? Well, don’t be too hard on yourself. Set goals that are reasonable. Focus on being healthy, rather than being slim and sexy. After all, we want to exercise regularly because we want to be healthy, right? And that six-pack abs, well-sculpted body, and toned muscles are just a bonus.

So, take a look at yourself. Check your weight. Do you need to shed some excess pounds? Or perhaps, it’s the other way around? Do you need to trim the size of your waistline? Write down all the goals you can think of. Set deadlines for each. When you have specific health and fitness goals in mind, you’ll have a clear picture of what exercises are suitable for you. In case you run out of ideas what to include in your fitness goals, read this.Motivate Yourself to Workout

Choose Exercises that You Really Love

Not because everyone is doing yoga, you’ll also do yoga even if you don’t feel like doing it. What’s the point of choosing exercises that you hate when there are many options to choose from? You’ll only feel less motivated. As a result, you don’t show up to put in real work for your fitness goals on a regular basis, or never at all.

For example, someone might feel so intimidated about a certain workout routine. When you feel like a workout routine is too difficult, it’s tougher to see the fun part of exercising. And so, you feel like quitting though you haven’t even started yet. Worse, you forget about the benefits you’ll reap later on!

With the health and fitness goals you have in mind, choose appropriate exercises, at the same time fun and enjoyable for you. You’ll see that working out will look less like a chore and more like a hobby, or even an awesome and productive way to take a break from your daily grind.

Because we all have different preferences, the idea of a fun workout is totally subjective. Do you love dancing and you wish to trim your waistline? Sign up for a belly dancing class! You can also dance along the rhythm of an upbeat music while hula hooping. Fun, right?

If you love the outdoors, then choose scenic locations where you can go jogging early in the morning. Love pets? Go jogging with your furry friend. Do you like some sports? Then, go for it! If you don’t have any idea what exercise would be right for you, it would be great to enroll in a fitness club where an expert trainer can come up with a workout plan for you. He can also monitor you while executing your workout routine to make sure you’re doing it right. This way, you can avoid the risks of getting injured while doing your workout. Also, best results happen only when a workout routine is done right.

Achieve Fitness Goals with Your Friends, or Significant Other

“But I’m shy, and I don’t want to go to the gym alone for the first time in my life”, you might say. You don’t have to go alone if you have friends or significant other to share your fitness goals with. Go, sign up together for a gym membership. Having a fitness partner motivates you to commit to your goals because it also feels like you’re committing to the person you’re sharing your goals with. You wouldn’t want to quit and leave them alone, right?

Besides, it’s a great way of spending time together. You don’t only make yourself physically healthy, you make your relationship healthy as well. Here are some couple exercises you can try:

Get Yourself Nice Workout Clothes

Reward yourself with workout clothes that look good on you—something that boosts your self-confidence. We don’t even have to spell it out, nice clothes make us feel good about ourselves on different occasions. The same applies when working out. So, go ahead and let those awesome pairs of sneakers excite your feet to achieve that 10,000 steps each day.

Keep a Fitness Journal

Write about your fitness journey, especially how you feel every time you exercise. When we exercise, our brain releases endorphins, the feel-good hormones. Haven’t you noticed? We feel happier when we exercise. Writing down the benefits you’re getting every time you exercise including better brain function, regulated mood cycles, and positive feelings will serve as a reminder that you should commit to your workout routine. Hey, you’d love getting those benefits again and again.

Reward Yourself for Every Milestone

Yup, and make sure you’ll only get those rewards after you’ve achieved a particular goal. If you’re really craving for that one reward, then you should be putting in more effort to reach your fitness milestones. Rewards may include a cheat day when you can eat pizza, ice cream, or your favorite cake. Because who wouldn’t look forward to that reward? If you want to go shopping, restrain yourself from doing so until you’ve achieved a milestone.


It may not be easy to start exercising, but if you think of ways on how you can motivate yourself more, you can finally get moving and you’ll realize that working out has become an essential part of your life that you simply can’t quit anymore.